Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Teal Christmas Setting

The season is upon us!  I am in the midst of things, trying to get it all done and feeling a bit stressed.  I was finally feeling pretty good about what I had accomplished as far as my decorating goes, so I had some ladies come in to help me clean today.  When I heard a loud crash, I just knew... they inadvertently knocked down my Christmas tree, the one in the foyer with my mother's handmade ornaments on it.  I sincerely felt like I was going to be sick.  I know they felt bad about it, but nonetheless, I felt worse.  Alycia, I can honestly say I know how you felt.  This is the same tree, last year's pic...

I didn't have the heart to take a picture of it lying on the floor, you'll just have to use your imagination, but I can tell you it wasn't a pretty sight.  Back to the drawing board...

So I will get right down to this week's tablescape, a non-traditional theme, a teal and silver Christmas table!!

This table actually looks better in person.  I originally bought these dishes to do a beach-scape, but I think they work for Christmas too. 
Even though our temperatures have been very mild, I know snow is expected in some parts of the country.  The swirly design reminds me of winter.
The plates are Umbriaverde, Ceramiche, and made in Italy.  I purchased them at HomeGoods sometime this past summer.
Did you see these mirrored chargers at Tuesday Morning?  I originally bought 2, they were a bit pricey, but ended up going back for more.  I just couldn't resist!
All together!

Santa's hat is adorned with just the right color!

Most of the items in the center I've had for a few years.  I know the hurricane globes came from HomeGoods last year, and the teal balls, teal candles and teal birds were purchased at a gift shop.  The gift shop didn't have these candles this year, and I tried to get them online, but no luck.  Not sure if they are making them anymore.  I bought them in white, gold, and teal.  Wish I'd bought more!!

Napkins and wine stems also came from HomeGoods.
Enjoy looking, I will post a few more...

And to all a good-night!  Thanks for dropping by, I appreciate your visits and your kind comments!!


  1. Your teal is so rich looking. Those dishes are great. You must have a great Home Goods because I didn't see these in FL. I have been tempted by those chargers too. They were worth it for you!

    Robin Flies South

  2. Betsy this table is gorgeous. (Like all your tables). I love the teal and silver combo. Makes it look magical. Happy holidays to you and yours. xo

  3. Oh Betsy this is so refreshing! I love these colors. Those chargers are fantastic! I don't have a Tuesday Morning here anymore, and I miss them. I agree the design on the plates does make you think of the snow swirling! The finial style tree is awesome and made for a great centerpiece! I love the hurricanes with their delicate mercury accents! The teal candles are beautiful! I was told once that if you want to make a candle last longer let it burn down a ways and then stick a votive candle inside to burn and then you aren't burning the candle any longer. Love the napkins too! I just shopped at my first Home Goods at Thanksgiving and now I want one up here!

  4. Oh yes....they work very well for Christmas!!! This is a stunning table setting!!! Love every element...beautiful colors....hugs...cleo

  5. Betsy~ Your teal & silver are beautiful...such a gorgeous combination with Santa outfitted to match! So sorry about your tree! Ours fell several years ago and ever since we secured it to the wall in the corner for insurance. It's painful to lose cherished ornaments~ especially if they belonged to family members!

  6. I love it!! I think those mirrored chargers are stunning and the perfect ones for this table. This feels all icy and snowy.

  7. So sorry about your tree! The colors in your table setting are gorgeous. Don't you just love finding great dishes at Home Goods. I really need to stay out of that section when I shop there.

  8. Such a unique and unusual table setting and just gorgeous. It definitely says Christmas. WOW!!!!

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  9. I forgot to say I'm so sorry about your tree being knocked down (how careless of them) and losing sentimental pieces like that. I'm sure you are still a bit devastated by it. My sister pulled the tree down when she was quite young. After that my dad ran wires from the tree to hooks on the wall because he was so scared! I don't know how you could secure yours but I guess it's worth thinking about. Still- it was careless of the individual that knocked it over.

  10. Just gorgeous!!! I am such a sucker for non-traditional colors, so I am lovin' the teal! I am so glad I never saw those dishes in the store, because they would have to come home with me. Love the sparkle in your table and the Santas are so festive, the feathers add whimsey, and the silver touches couldn't be more elegant!

    Creating Wonderful Spaces

  11. Betsy, I am so sorry about the loss of your precious heirloom tree ornaments. I think I would have been physically ill.
    Your table is stunningly beautiful. The centerpiece...that silver and turquoise, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I did our tree in aqua, silver and white this year, even my husband who likes the traditional red/green loves it.

  12. I've never had a tree fall over, but I did have renters who stole ALL of my Christmas decorations that were stored in the attic, so I can appreciate your loss. Your table is stunning! I can see that used as a New Years table as well, the colors are so versatile. Mary has a great idea in securing the tree. If I can ever accumulate enough ornaments again I'll try that. Beautiful table!

  13. Your table is amazing! I love the blue. I am sorry about your tree. I hope it was not a total loss. Thanks for sharing your beautiful blue table.

  14. I'm so sorry about your tree. I hope you didn't lose all of your ornaments. The blue tablescape is gorgeous! I love the dishes.

  15. Uh huh....I just felt that feeling in the pit of my stomach all over again. (I audibly gasped. Scared the poop outta my granddaughter...literally!) I cannot begin to tell you just how sorry I am!!! I think it is probably even more devastating for you because of the sentimental value of the ornaments. Oh, I am just sick about it FOR you! I know the folks who knocked it over had to feel awful, too. So, so sad. May I say, however, that last year's version was stunning and at least you have a photo of it to keep the memories alive. God is good in that way. The table you created is absolutely fabulous with the non-traditional/traditional mix! I wish I would have seen those dishes at Home Goods here. I would have snatched them so fast it would have created a wind storm!!! :-) The design is out of this world! You will get a LOT of mileage out of those over the years to come!!! That banded blue stemware is the bomb, too! I wish I lived closer to our Home Goods store so I could get by there more often. The only one here is about 30 miles away. I don't like to drive, so that makes the trip extra painful! I need to just suck it up and get my big hips on out there once a week! Again, I am so, so very sorry for the loss of those precious ornaments. I hope that at least a few survived. Take care, and have a better weekend.

  16. You just made me love love love teal all over again. Your gleaming silver and sparkly accents are fabulous on this table. the hurricanes are magnificent. Love this table. xo marlis

  17. I am normally a traditionalisht when it comes to Christmas, but really, this takes my breath away! The plates are just perfect and I love the decorations hanging down. I am so sorry about your tree! Joni

  18. Wow! I'd say your tablesetting is one of the most beautiful I have seen. Those dishes are lovely and perfect for Christmas. And those chargers are worth whatever you paid for them...they are amazing. I love the whole theme, the colors, and the sparkle. It is a gorgeous table!

  19. I love this! I was thinking about unexpected color choices for a Christmas tablescape just today. You nailed it! The plates are spectacular, and the teal Italian goblets are beautiful...I have them in hot pink. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  20. I know you are heartbroken about your tree and ornaments! I'm so sorry...I hope something was salvagable!

    On the bright side, your table is beautiful and so unconventionally Christmas-y. I love those swirl plates; they definitely say winter wonderland to me!!!

  21. Hi Betsy...

    Ohhh my friend, your table is truly one of the prettiest that I've seen this season! It's GORGEOUS!!! I love that you paired the teal with the silver...what a beautiful color combination..very rich!!! I love your place settings...the teal dishes...stunning! Ohh..and I love the mirrored chargers. I would love to have a set like them. Love, love, LOVE your teal stems! They are like the "icing on the cake" to your pretty place setting! And...about that gorgeous centerpiece! I wished you could have heard all my oooohhhs and aaaahhhs, my friend! Hehe! You really have some beautiful and exquisite things! They make for a breathtakingly beautiful centerpiece! Thank you so much for sharing this FABULOUS table with us...this was a real treat, dear lady!!!

    Ohhhh nooo...I am sooo sorry about your Christmas tree! Your photo of the tree is beautiful!!!

    Well dear lady, thank you so much for coming by my place and leaving such a sweet note! You made my day! Warmest wishes to you and your family for a blessed Christmas!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  22. Hi Betsy, Your table is gorgeous and I love the plates. I needed these for my coastal tablescape! These colors are bautiful.

  23. What a beautiful teal setting... love the charger very much ...Its over all a very rich and unique setting Dear...I really love the colour you used ... looks great... An over all glittery touch gives it a very festive look... and yes the napkins are really beautiful...
    Happy if you come to see me at
    with love from

  24. I simply love your table setting and I normally do not care for silver accent. Your table is so beautiful.

  25. So sorry to hear about your tree and the loss of your mother's handmade ornaments. My tree tipped not once but twice last week, luckily I didn't loose anything as precious as you did.
    But I have to say your teal table is stunning, especially with the bling of the silver. And those dishes are to just die for!