Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Setting for a Bridal Shower

Ahh, a rainy Saturday!  Just a quick update, and then on to real eye-candy!!  We moved my son into his first apartment at Virginia Tech on Thursday and Friday.  It was a furnished apartment, so we just needed to bring the basics.  Well, the basics consisted of a fully-loaded SUV, only capable of holding two passengers.  My overnight bag and my son's luggage had to be transported by another car!  When we arrived, much to our dismay, we found plastic dining chairs, and no media unit for his 51" TV.  Fortunately, we were able to switch the plastic chairs out for real wooden dining chairs, and an accommodating employee sent over a media stand for the tv.  We also switched out the couch and chair, for ones that were a bit more pleasing to the eye!  After bed-making, cleaning, and putting up art (posters in plastic frames), we were happy with the results.  He is all settled in, and hopefully will have a great year!

Recently, I helped a friend with a bridal shower.  My friend has an interior design business, and the shower was held at her beautiful home.  I didn't have much time to take pictures, but I hope you can get an idea!

Upon entering the foyer, a lovely glass-topped swan table adorned with white roses greets guests.  The bird-themed wallpaper against the carrera marble floor is elegant and beautiful.  

 Upon closer inspection, a cute little glass insect and a vintage bowl with chocolates shares the swan table with the roses.
Before we go into the dining room, let's peak into the breakfast room.  The table is covered with a hand-crocheted cloth made by my friend's mother.  This table is set up for beverages.  Choices were red or white wine, iced tea, water, or punch--a simple punch of pineapple juice and sprite with a beautiful ice ring with mint and lemon slices.  The centerpiece here consisted of a simple but elegant silver vase with daisy mums.
Another view . . .
 Lots of silver!
The breakfast room is decorated in a country-french, Charles Faudre style.  This sideboard holds a cool wine opener, coffee service, silver candleholders, silver basket, and a silver bud vase.
Also in the breakfast room, a cute wooden shelf  is decorated in a garden theme.
Beautiful oil paintings are throughout the home.
I spent most of my time in the kitchen helping with the food.  
The stove top is surrounded by arched brick.
This little area off the kitchen, I think it's the laundry room, served as our holding area.
Here's where the catastrophe occurred.  She had placed a large tray with 12 crystal antique wine stems on this folding table and it collapsed--breaking all 12!  I thought I was going to cry.
As you can see, the breakfast room and the dining room are side by side.  Let's take a quick peak into the dining room.
The table was set with crystal, silver, and limoge plates.  A lace tablecloth adds a dainty touch.
The centerpiece consisted of white roses in a Chelsea House vase.
Forks were wrapped in lace napkins, tied with a white ribbon.
Beautiful limoge plates await guests.
Close up of plates.
We start to put out the food--finger sandwiches of pimento cheese, and a goat cheese and nut spread with fruit jelly.
Marinated asparagus with roasted red pepper and grape tomatoes.  Other items on the menu were chicken salad--with pineapple and almonds, Mediterranean pasta salad, marinated shrimp, nuts, and lots of desserts.
A beautiful silver bowl filled to the brim with fruit.
The server held silver baskets filled with desserts.  Stay tuned, I will take it up from here in my next post.  There are more pictures of this shower and the living room, library, and powder room! Thanks for visiting, come back soon!!