Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yikes! Glad No One Was Standing Underneath!

I can't believe I never took a picture of my beautiful chandelier in the foyer.  It has been hanging for approximately 11 years, and decided to come down.  This actually happened last spring, around May, and we have been dealing with repairs, insurance claims, and such since then.  The center pole was embedded in the floor, all the way through the sub-floor, and was not coming out.  We cleaned up all the glass, took it all apart, cut the electrical parts off, and dealt with the pole sticking out of the floor all summer.  Around September, we decided we'd better do something about it.  So we had the floor people out, and decided to re-finish all the wood floors, and install black granite in the foyer.

A new chandelier was ordered.  A painter was brought in, and we decided to paint the banister as well as the walls.  Our foyer is 18' high, so this is not an easy job. 

We moved out of the house for two weeks, and when I say we moved out, I mean we moved out.  Movers came in and packed everything in boxes, and loaded every piece of furniture on our first floor onto their trucks and took it to storage for two weeks.  Luckily, I didn't have to pack up the cabinets in the kitchen. 

The floors are all done now, and everything was unpacked, Christmas came and went and still no chandelier.  Then it came in.  Broken.  So we are back to square one.  The painter should be coming soon, and hopefully everything will be back to normal by spring.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I will post the "after" pictures when everything is finished!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Skimpy Garland

Skimpy garland is not something I'm fond of.  I am also not fond of paying huge amounts of money for nice, thick luxurious looking garland.  So I decided to make my own.  I am aware that most people have moved on, and are thinking of spring, but if I don't record this now, I probably won't get to it or remember to do it next year! 

Start by looking for the fullest, long-needle garland you can find at a reasonable price.  I purchased mine at AC Moore for $19.99 for a 9' piece.  I bought 5 pieces for my outside decorations, 2 for my mantle, and 1 to cut up and use in wreaths and for other decorations. 
Start by opening up the garland and lying it on a flat surface.  I was fortunate that my friend allowed me to work in her interior decorating shop.
Take a cheaper garland, I used some I already had from previous years, and lie it in the center and on top of  the long-needle garland, opening it up and fluffing needles as you go. At this point, I also went ahead and put on white lights.  I used a strand of 100 lights for each 9' piece of garland.  Make sure you test them ahead of time!
I used cable ties to secure the two garlands together.  I secured the garlands underneath the lights, just in case I had to remove the lights--you know how they can be working one minute and out the next.  
These zip ties worked like a charm.  You just put them through, pull them tight, and cut off the excess.  No tying or twisting necessary!
Here is a closeup of the garlands being secured.  The zip ties went under the lights just in case I had light issues.  At this point, you are ready to decorate your garland with your desired decorations.  I don't have pictures of the steps, but I just placed the decorations on first where I thought they looked good, and hot-glued them on.  I used iced holly, iced berries, pine cones, and red birds in nests.  I also used some of the extra garland to make a centerpiece, and tied on a red bow.  Here's how it looked when it was all done!
No skimpy garland!  I also matched the wreath to the decorations on the garland to give it a custom look.  The ribbon on the light fixtures matches the ribbon on the wreath.
On the centerpiece, I added three ornaments that matched the ones on the wreath, a red bow, and pieces of holly.
 The centerpiece is totally separate, I just hooked it on after putting up the garland.
 I also used garland on the rails.
I added berries, holly, and birds to my live trees in the pots, along with white lights.
The wreath is loaded with iced berries, holly, birds, iced branches, pine cones, and red ribbon.  Red shows up well on my wooden door.
I found this little metal deer at an estate sale and brought him home.  I used fresh greenery from my backyard and a faux candle, which came on automatically in the evening thanks to the timer!
The little birds in nests were added after I put the garland up, so I could space them properly.
 I also used three spotlights.
In one of those home catalogs, their garland costs $70.00 for a 9' piece.  I think mine looks just as good, and it was much cheaper!
Hope this helps next year, ha!!

Stay warm, thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas 2013

It seems that a week was lost somewhere... did anyone find it?  I sure didn't, and I haven't had any time to blog or, well anything, really, except get ready for the next day.  From Thanksgiving to December 26th, it has been a whirlwind of activity.  I sorta like that, but it is rather tiring.  I had both my children home, and for that I feel very blessed.  We had a Christmas party--started out as just a small gathering to celebrate the homecoming of my son and daughter--and it grew.  And grew.  So without further ado, I will share with you what I was able to capture.
Again, I used silver for my serving pieces.  A battenburg lace tablecloth is the base, and I used rectangular mirrors down the middle.  This year I used an epergne with greens and a giant ornament as the center.  Mercury glass orbs and vases are added, as well as additional greenery and silver.
I used my candelabras with silver candles.
I added white lillies around the ornament, which sits on top of magnolia and artificial greens
Little mercury glass vases hold red roses, berries, and white lillies as well as Christmas greenery.
This year I used my silver reindeer on the server with the desserts.
I used my silver and gold glitzy fruit arrangement on the buffet with mercury glass trees.  I again decorated a small tree, which I placed in a fish bowl in the corner of the room.
This tree was decorated with silver birds, silverplate ornaments I have collected, and various mercury glass ornaments.
In the kitchen, I used feathers, antlers, and magnolia.  The runner and antler candlelabra were purchased at Pottery barn.  I used my vintage serving pieces which are trimmed in gold.
We were still setting up when these pictures were taken, so all the food hadn't been put out at this point.
Sushi and various other snacks were available on the island, along with the wine.  A cranberry martini punch was in the corner in my silver punch bowl.

 I decorated the mantle over the stovetop with garland.
I changed the mantle over the fireplace up a bit, adding bronze and gold-colored poinsettias, gold balls, and gold-colored leaves.  The green garland was a long-needle pine with another garland and white lights added.  I will explain how I did this in a later post.
The girls pose for a picture in front of the mantle.
The wreath above the mantle with my gold reindeer.
Our Christmas tree, ready for Christmas morning.
This is a closeup of the garland on the fireplace.
 I added a new arrangement on the pedestals in the corner, and for fun, a garland around the bust's neck!
I used silhouette angels holding votives on top of the bookcase with a garland, greenery, and feathers.
 Pottery Barn pillows went well in my family room this year.
On top of the wine cabinet, I used mercury glass vases, greenery, a decorated garland, and feathers.
I had my chair upholstered in brown and ivory zebra!
Moving on to the living room, the cocktail table was simply decorated with artificial greenery.
A large sleigh accompanies my angels on the console.
Decorations on the end table include a cherub and a mercury glass candle surrounded by a silver wreath.
Guess I should have started with the foyer, anyway, this is the tree in the foyer and the garland I use on the stairs.
Tree in foyer with the lights on...
A glitzy arrangement sits on the foyer table in a silver wine cooler.  This arrangement can be taken out and stored.  Silver candleholders hold glitzy gold candles (which I don't burn because they are too expensive lol)

Guess that's all for now.  I have lots more Christmas photos to share with you, so stay tuned!!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy New Year!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Halloween Tablescape and Decor

The sun is out today and it is a much-welcome change from the rain we have had for the last five days.  I did a little bit of Halloween and fall decorating that I thought I would share.  So without further ado, welcome!
Fall wreaths are challenging on my door, because most of the colors do not show up very well.  I brought in some reds and bright oranges which helped.
The crow and spider add a touch of whimsy...
A black and silver skull arrangement and mercury glass pumpkins welcome guests in the foyer.
The dining room table gets a new runner from Marshalls and
 a couple of new pumpkins from Pier 1.
I can't always take this decorating stuff too seriously, so when I saw these legs with fishnet hose and leopard shoes, I just knew they were coming home with me.  
Don't know if you can see it, but there's a grapevine wreath behind the legs.  The Bad Witch sign sits on top of a little pumpkin.  I added tiny rice lights.  To the left, is my collection of spirits, and to the right is another mercury glass pumpkin on a silver tray.  The battery-operated lights in the silver candlesticks flicker with an orange glow.
A jack-o-lantern is added to a silver bud vase on the server.
A few touches of fall are added to the chest in the dining room.
Flying bats grace the powder room along with
fun fingertip towels.
A scary Halloween tree sits on the island.  It was the only place that was large enough to accomodate it!
 This was a fun project to make.  I used a branch from a tree in the yard spray painted black,
 and I added skulls, spiders, flying bats,
a large sparkly spider web (Michaels), crows, and lots of hanging moss.  
My friend, James, is serving up lots of eyeballs.
A few fun items on a little tray sit on the kitchen counter.
A fall arrangement along with Pottery Barn pumpkins are displayed on the cocktail table.
The mantle is simple in design with just a couple of white pumpkins added to books and tall candleholders, with an pumpkin garland draped over.
I found these cute pillows at a gift shop.
A little haunted house sits on my wet bar with a few scary creatures stirring about.
This witchy woman is the featured attraction on the table.
She is ready for trick or treating!
Starting with a lacy runner from Home Goods, I then used a silver bride's basket full of gourds, pumpkins, and leaves for the centerpiece, and used an orange and grapevine pumpkins to balance the taller pieces.
I found these cute witch bowls at an estate sale, but I'm pretty sure they were originally from Home Goods or TJ Maxx.
I believe these black goblets came from Macy's.
No need to polish the silver for Halloween, I'll wait and do that for Christmas!!

What's Halloween without candy corn??
Happy Halloween!!