Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Outdoor Bridal Shower Setting!

A friend of mine's daughter is getting married in August, and I was excited to give her a bridal shower this past weekend.  The weather cooperated, even though we had to wait until the day of to set up because of rain.  With a little help from friends and family, the shower was a success!
The MOB provided this cute flag which could be seen from the street.
A bridal wreath adorned the front door.  I used a pew bow which I had made for the wedding of a friend in the center, along with roses and baby's breath.
Since the shower was outside, we directed guests with a sign so no one had to go up and down steps unnecessarily.
This cute sign welcomed guests to the backyard.  The MOB's bridal veil was used to decorate.
I found these cute bird feeders at Tuesday morning so I purchased two.  Loved the little umbrella, and though you can't see, it has a little bird perched on the bottom.
It was supposed to be sunny and hot.  Instead it was cloudy and muggy, but the canopies did provide some much needed shade for when the sun did peep out.  I set tables for 32 guests.  The pew bows I made were used at the corners of the canopies.
I painted an old silver tray with chalkboard paint on the inside and Annie Sloan on the rim.
The theme was pink and gold.  I used two gold candlesticks with candlecups to hold arrangements for the tablescape.
Since the tables I was planning to use weren't very wide, I began looking early for something low, long and narrow.  I found exactly what I was looking for at a consignment store.  The brass floral container was dirty and black, but after cleaning with brass cleaner, it looked almost brand new!  This arrangement was used on the center table.
I made seven of these pink and white runners.  It's hard to see, but the fabric has little birds on it.  So I pulled out my love birds to use on the tables.
This table was set for 20 guests.
I have been collecting white china trimmed in gold, and I had enough to use for the shower. All the patterns aren't exactly the same, but worked well together.
The iced beverage glasses are Chelsea by Godinger, from the Shannon collection.  I purchased these at Tuesday morning a few years back when I had an outdoor dinner for my son's high school graduation.
I used gold doilies under the plates instead of chargers.  Chargers were just too big for the narrow tables.
As for the tablecloths, I used solid white with a lace overlay.

I also used the round tables on the patio.  Since I kept the umbrellas in, I used white battenburg placemats, and changed to pink napkins.  Vases of stock, snapdragons, and alstromeira decorated the tables.
I needed one more table for four, so I used a folding round table.  

The buffet was set up using two rectangular tables and a round table in the center to hold dessert plates and forks.
Buffet table before food...
Buffet table with food!
A gold and white urn holds the flowers for the centerpiece, and I used two small silver vases with just one flower.
The menu:  ham biscuits, salad with fruit and pecans, cheese straws, spinach squares, caprese bites, and chicken salad with croissants.

Dessert table was set up using a white tablecloth and a pink overlay.  For this table, I used several of my glass pieces that are trimmed in gold.  I scout these out at estate sales.
Dessert table with food!  
The BTB's cousin made this adorable cake!  It was chocolate inside, moist, and delicious!
She also made the cute cake pops.
We had strawberries dipped in pink candy coating, pink m&m's, and homemade chocolate/nut/coconut cookies.  The cookies were made by a friend, who was so gracious to help me out!  These cookies are so good, it's impossible to eat just one!
Also, golden oreos dipped in pink candy coating, more cookies, and chocolate covered almonds.  Another pink cake, just in case we ran out of dessert lol!  The flowers here were baby's breath and pink carnations, in a crystal candlestick with a candlecup to hold the floral.
The centerpiece consisted of a large crystal compote that I found at a consignment store.  I decorated it with a white tulle "wedding" skirt on the bottom stem and a floral in the bowl.

Thinking this is picture overload, so I'll stop for now.  Part II coming soon, with more pictures from the shower.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back soon!!

Hugs, Betsy

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fireplace Re-Do

It was time to say goodbye.  This brick fireplace had seen better days.  An update was needed!  Unfortunately, hubby thought the brick looked great.  Why is it that men don't like to re-do brick or paint wood?  Anyway, I decided I needed to paint the brick a lighter color.  When I told him, he had a fit.  Well, maybe not a fit, but he certainly didn't like the idea, so he said, "how about stone?"  Well, I tried to curb my enthusiasm.  Let it be known that I didn't waste much time picking out the stone and the marble hearth.  Of course, if we are doing all that, a newer mantle was necessary as well.

The brick had seen its better days!
Nothing exciting here.
The new fireplace looks so much better, updated, and is now a real focal point in the room.
The colors are more vivid in person, and don't show up well in the pictures because of the light from the windows, but they are a nice combination of grays and creams, which tie everything in the area together, from the wall color in the family room, to the cream color in the kitchen.  The hearth is marble and has the same colors as the stone.
So much better!!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Christmas 2015 Part 2

As another Christmas season comes and goes, here are a few photos of the kitchen and family room.  All the decorations will be down by the end of the day, boxed up and stored for another year.  Hope you enjoy!

On the kitchen island, I keep this Tiffany silver trumpet vase and change the flowers depending on the season.  It doesn't take up much room, so that I can serve or prep when needed.  If you look behind the vase, I hung snowflakes from the window valence.  I used a tension rod, and hung the snowflakes with white thread and ornament hangers.  At Christmas I use a butler's tray table in the corner to hold extra Christmas trays and wine glasses.
For Christmas morning breakfast, I again used my Christmas china, with red chargers and Lunt flatware.
For the centerpiece, I used decorated greenery and gilded fruit, silver antler candleholders, and red votive candleholders, which match the sequined red chargers.
 The centerpiece bowl is a unique piece--silver and crystal--with four taper candleholders.  It's one of my favorite estate sale finds.
For beverages, we used champagne flutes for our mimosas and vintage glasses for water or milk.
Above the patio doors, I added these love and joy signs.  They are battery operated, but I had to climb on a step stool to turn them on.
On to the family room.  On the cocktail table, I used a garland with a gold ribbon, my gold reindeer that I love, gold trees, and ...hmm are those artichokes? pineapples? acorns?  Well, whatever they are, they were used on the cocktail table vignette with gold battery operated pillar candles, which were on a timer. The candles provided a nice glow when coming into a dark room.
A shot of the family room in the evening.
The main Christmas tree was again gold and bronze.  I added some new decor this year, musical notes, large bronze snowflakes, deer heads, and lots of grapevine.
I changed up the mantle and placed my garland straight across instead of swagging (is that a word?) it.  I found these stick garland mini lights, which I added, as well as the gold pieces on the end.  Have no idea what to call them, but they were sort of a paper mache and I have ornaments shaped exactly the same way, so I had to have them.  I also used musical ribbon bows, and decorated with the same notes that I used on the tree, and cupids playing different instruments.  
Here's a close up of the decorated mantle.  Behind the garland, I used gold finials that I found years ago at Kirklands, with tall gold candleholders on each end.
 I made this little arrangement for the hearth using a lantern, greenery, and other gold/bronze accents.
 Big items have big impact, but sometimes you just need something small.  I found these petite gold Christmas trees and thought they were cute on a silver tray.
The bookcase was decorated and I again used my silhouette angels for the top.  This year I ordered votive candles on a timer so that they would come on automatically in the evening.  Yay!  No climbing up to cut them on!  Worked like a charm.
 I have used this woodland scene vignette before, but this year I moved it to the end table with my leopard lamp.

We were again blessed to have our son and daughter home.  Our son finished up at Virginia Tech in December, and is beginning the job search.  Our daughter is still in New York and is in a show called "New Dawn" at the end of the month.  If you are in the area, I hope you will go check it out.  

Christmas night we had 30 of my cousins over for a Christmas get-together!  Everyone brought an appetizer, and we had a lot of fun.  2015 was a great year, and I am very thankful for my family and friends!  On to 2016!

 Happy New Year to you and yours!