Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Perfect Setting for Gloomy Days

A little glitz always makes me happy.  I can't think of a better way to ward off the rainy day blues than with a bit of shimmer.  The reflection of light off silver reminds me of sunlight bouncing off the white caps of a restless ocean.  In the midst of autumn browns and golds, a bit of light, a touch of pink, and bright whites add a cheerfulness to an otherwise ordinary week.

My mother loved shiny things as well, and she used to make Christmas tree ornaments from costume jewelry.  I hope to feature them soon, as the holidays are right around the corner.  Doesn't it seem that Christmas comes earlier every year?  I haven't even gotten around to Halloween and Thanksgiving yet... if I could only get someone to help me get those boxes down.  Hmmmm....

This week we are in the dining room!  Yippeee!  I can leave the table "dressed up" for a while!
I purchased these dishes in an antique shop many years ago. 

The tablecloth is a white on white damask, and I found this grasscloth-like silver runner in Pier 1 a few years back.  I love that it was long, and trimmed in black.

The centerpiece sits atop a silver mirrored cake stand, and is multi-tiered.  The lower level is an arrangement made from white & pink grocery store roses, vinca and greenery from the yard.  The upper level holds votive candles.

The china is Elegance by Fashion Royale.

The silver goblets were a Christmas gift to my mother from her sister and were purchased at Best Products.

The silver-trimmed napkins (from TJ Maxx) are doubled up with a shimmery silver napkin (Tuesday Morning).  The crystal napkin rings were my mother's.
The crystal wines are Gorham, not sure of the pattern, but I found them at a consignment store and bought them because they were very similar to the crystal I picked out as a bride, which is Crown Point.

Crystal salt cellars were my Mom's and the silverplate flatware is Repousse (I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling)

A few table gems were added to reflect more light.
The crystal salad plates also came from my mom, but I don't know the name or manufacturer.  Do you?  I'll show you a close up of the etchings.

I guess it's time to light the candles...

Last look...

Have a great week, thanks for coming by!  Please leave a comment as I strive for A Perfect Setting!!


  1. Beautiful. I did not know Repousse was made in silverplate. I've only known it to be in sterling. I have loved that pattern since I was 16 years old. I'm now 65 and never could afford it. Lovely Tscape. JAD

  2. What a lovely table and the roses just set it off. I love the rustic runner with all of the elegant sparkle. It just fits so perfectly and I don't think I would have ever thought of that. Hope the weather improves. I love sunny Fall days.

  3. It feels that am setting in a Royal Castle of Sweden. Very elegant.

    Happy TS Day...

    Greetings from a chilly Stockholm,

  4. This is the picture of elegance. I love the tiered centerpiece with the votives on the top and the flowers on the bottom. I also love the various dishes and gorgeous goblets. I would love some silver ones like that.

    Just plain lovely! I scrolled through twice.

  5. I love your pretty shimmery table, and your centerpiece is great! Can't wait to see the ornaments your mom made:@)

  6. Your whole table is just beautiful. Your napkins are so different and sooo pretty! There's just something special about silver adorning a table.

    As another Christmas fan, I cannot wait to see your mom's ornaments.

  7. Just beautiful! And I love your etched crystal plates. Thank you!

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I love how everything shines! I love shiney...the centerpeice is fabulous. Thank you for sharing your wonderful table.

  9. Absolutely gorgeous and elegant!! Everything is so inviting. Your whole dining room is beautiful!!!

  10. This is very would be a wonderful romantic meal at this beautiful tablescape...I also love the upholstered chairs...very classy!!!

  11. For starters, anything would look good in your magnificent dining room...such a gorgeous spot. That said, your tablescape is beautiful. Love your take on the centerpiece...and great get on the china! I love your mama's crystal napkin rings. The salad plates....? I'm not an expert by any measure, but to begin a search, I would check out Heisey, Tiffin, and Cambridge on and on Google. You might get lucky. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  12. Thanks so much for the kind comments. I still feel like such a beginner, but you guys have made me feel great!! Thanks again!

  13. Hello my friend...

    Ohhh my goodness...what an absolutely gorgeous table!!! I love everything about it...of course, I love silver! You have some really beautiful pieces! Your place settings are lovely...everything just sparkles! Especially in the candlelight! Your photos are beautiful too! Love the table linens! I just adore the silver trimmed napkins...I have been looking for something similar and haven't found any. I use alot of silver with my tablescapes and they would be the perfect addition! I also really enjoyed your centerpiece...the pink and white roses are just beautiful!!! Ohhh...and your dining room...FABULOUS!!! You have a beautiful home, my friend! Thank you for sharing it...and your gorgeous tablescape with us for the Sunday Favorites party this week! This was such a treat!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design