Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Yikes! Glad No One Was Standing Underneath!

I can't believe I never took a picture of my beautiful chandelier in the foyer.  It has been hanging for approximately 11 years, and decided to come down.  This actually happened last spring, around May, and we have been dealing with repairs, insurance claims, and such since then.  The center pole was embedded in the floor, all the way through the sub-floor, and was not coming out.  We cleaned up all the glass, took it all apart, cut the electrical parts off, and dealt with the pole sticking out of the floor all summer.  Around September, we decided we'd better do something about it.  So we had the floor people out, and decided to re-finish all the wood floors, and install black granite in the foyer.

A new chandelier was ordered.  A painter was brought in, and we decided to paint the banister as well as the walls.  Our foyer is 18' high, so this is not an easy job. 

We moved out of the house for two weeks, and when I say we moved out, I mean we moved out.  Movers came in and packed everything in boxes, and loaded every piece of furniture on our first floor onto their trucks and took it to storage for two weeks.  Luckily, I didn't have to pack up the cabinets in the kitchen. 

The floors are all done now, and everything was unpacked, Christmas came and went and still no chandelier.  Then it came in.  Broken.  So we are back to square one.  The painter should be coming soon, and hopefully everything will be back to normal by spring.  Keep your fingers crossed.  I will post the "after" pictures when everything is finished!