Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Tranquil Lake Setting

It's been a while since I've posted, and I can't believe how fast the summer is moving along. So just a quick update, and a quick picture or two, and I'm off again!!
The owners of the antique mall where I have my booth have been late every month paying the vendors.  Just when I thought about pulling out, the doors were locked with all our stuff inside.  The owners owed the landlord thousands of dollars (three figures) in back rent, so the business was closed.  I lost all sales $$ for May and half of June, and also my rent checks.  The mall was opened back up the beginning of July with different owners, so I'm back in business.  It may take a month or two to recoup the losses, but I'm optimistic that the new owners are on the right track.  Every one's rent was reduced and hopefully we will receive our checks on time.

Also, the designer I was working with on the Richmond Symphony House did not get chosen. Just as well as far as I'm concerned, because I was stressing about the time that I was going to have to put in.
On a positive note, my children have been around this summer and we spent a wonderful week at the beach with close friends.  My daughter just finished a play in Williamsburg, and she received very positive reviews.  She is headed to New York this week for a workshop at Broadway Dance Center.  My son has been working at a local fitness club, and he is headed to Virginia Tech in August, where he will be a sophomore majoring in Communications.
We spent a quiet afternoon at our lake on the Fourth.  It's such a beautiful, tranquil setting, and we enjoyed boating, cooking on an open fire, and best of all, laughing at my daughter catching fish!!

Sticking with the red, white and blue theme, we set up a simple table near the lake, trying our best to get our camping table level!  
We stuck with just the basics.  
Queen Anne's lace is worth every chigger bite I get!
 A view from the boat ...
There's a tree on the hill behind the ones on the shore that we call the "Gone with the Wind" tree.  Maybe a lakehouse one day??  Right now I'd settle for a bathroom lol!  Take care, have a good week, and thanks for visiting!!