Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Home Show Tablescapes, Part 2

November is here!  Wow, I think I'm in denial.  I've been lazy busy this week; so, as promised, I am showcasing tablescapes from the Richmond Home Show.  To see Part 1 of these beautiful tablescapes, click here.  The first table is by Lowden Design Consulting.
A traditional table with elegant crystal and china are showcased here.

The beautiful fish bowl and napkin add a touch of whimsy.

A gorgeous centerpiece is elevated on a mirrored stand.

Beautiful china on burlap placemats give the setting a modern feel.

The vignette behind the table showcases beautiful porcelain with similar patterns and colors.

This shot shows the entire tablescape, including the beautiful rug and chairs. 

Now, on to the next table.  This table was appropriately called Family Ties, and was designed by Specialty Drapery.
Although simple in design, it was also very creative.

I love the use of the men's ties, and the candlelabra in the center is quite beautiful.

The place setting consists of a glass plate on a gold charger, complete with napkin and pear.

The vignette behind the table continues the theme of Family Ties with a landscape picture and photographs.

As I was admiring all of the beautiful tablescapes, I came upon the next one, and I did a double-take.  Here is what I saw:

Did someone take my blog name on purpose?  Did they know I had a tablescaping blog with that name?  Well, after conversing with the designer, I found out that he has recently started a business and he chose the name, not necessarily for tablescaping, but for design work in general.  He will come to your home, re-arrange, help set-up decorations for parties, or whatever design work his clients request.  He said he saw my blog when choosing his name, but didn't think much of it because he wasn't doing tablescapes.  Pretty cool, actually!!  I loved his design, because I do love glitz, and glitz he had!!

Perfect for a New Year's Eve or Christmas gathering, this table had it all!!

Elegant china, silver chargers, and beautiful linen napkins, along with gorgeous crystal (looked like Waterford, not sure) adorned this table.

A silver ball sitting on top of a candleholder and a glitzy reindeer ground the magnificent centerpiece.

White feathers, silver leaves, sticks, berries, ooh this was awesome.

This was the vignette behind the table, love the art!  The sponsor of this tablescape is Chasen Galleries, which explains the gorgeous artwork!!

Names on placecards were of  Hollywood legends.

I loved these chairs!

A butler welcomed the guests (again, great art from Chasen Galleries).

Very elegant!

I hoped you enjoyed the show!!  Thank you for your visit, and come back soon!  I soooo appreciate your kind comments! 


  1. What a fun event. I enjoyed seeing the different gorgeous tablescapes. Tahnks for sharing....Christine

  2. Beautiful tablescapes...I especially love the Family Ties and the silver ones.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  3. Fabulous! Love the sparkle and elegance ~ Family Ties is SO clever. Thank you for sharing. ~m.

  4. That was fun! I like the softness of the first one, the cleverness of the second one and the glitz and bling of the third one! Thanks for sharing them with us! You will always be the one and only A Perfect Setting to us. :)

  5. They area all so would be hard to choose a fav...I think the big feathery centerpiece is wow so cool...thanks for sharing

  6. What a fun tour of tables & inspiration~ family ties is too creative! Love your namesake's sparkling & over the top creation! Thanks for sharing :)

  7. So much inspiration here -- from simple to glam! All fun.

  8. That must of been fun to attend! I like the last one the best for sure! I think he made the most effort.

  9. What a fun time! Thanks for sharing all these pictures. I especially like the black and white one!

  10. Thanks for the peek at these beautiful tables. "Your" table was by far the most glamorous, but I loved the name Family Ties with all the neckties as part of the decor...cute idea.

  11. These tables definitely have the Wow factor :) Each is so different from the others; I'm sure you had fun looking at them. I tend to go for traditional, so I really liked the first one, but they were all fun and interesting. Thanks for sharing. I mentioned your blog in my post this week; you'll have to check it out if you get a chance. Have a great weekend!


  12. Thanks for sharing my table-scape!!! I loved them all!!!(the glitz & bling guy) :):):)

  13. No kidding that last guy had glitz goin' on!!! My kind of fellow!!!!!!! I've always wanted a mirrored table round, and I think I may get one when things are back to "normal." They just look so doggone cool!!! He rocked that table to the hilt!!!!!!