Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Navy Blue and Gold Setting

Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner?  I have done a bit of online shopping this week, but I have to admit, I get tired just thinking about it.  On a more positive note, my son will be home from college a week for Thanksgiving and a month for Christmas, so it will be good to spend some time with him.  I love spending time with my family and cousins, so I will do what I can do to make the holidays memorable for all!!

Now on to today's tablescape.  I won the plates I am using today at an auction, so I am using the colors navy blue and gold for a somewhat formal (staged) table.  I started with 8 place settings, but I decided after looking at the pictures that it would be less cluttered with 6.  So you may see pictures of both!!  If this were a real dinner party, I would put another leaf in the table, and use a much lower arrangement, or move this as we were seated.  Anyway, here goes!!
Welcome!!  The navy color of the tablecloth really picks up the blue in my dining room.  I've made a mental note to use this color more often!
I used gold baroque chargers and gold napkins.
The china is Pickard.  There was no pattern name, only a number.  The rims are gold and navy, even though they look black in this picture.
The sherbet is Heisey Crystalite and was my Mom's.  The salad plate is Courtyard by Lenox and is my go-to china when I need gold. 

This shot shows the sublte pattern in the Lenox salad plate.
For place cards, I used card stock and old earrings.  Some were my Mom's and some were mine from the eighties!
I know what you're thinking, these flowers really don't match this table, but I thought color would be good, and the real other reason is-- it's what's left outside in the yard lol!!
I was so excited to find this vase in an antique mall.  It's from Chelsea House, and I fell in love with it!  It has a drainage hole, so that's why you see a plate underneath.
Wine stems are handmade from Italy and the iced beverages are, hmm maybe Lenox?? Not sure exactly, but they have a gold rim at the top and, I think, are very elegant.
Here's the table with place settings for 8.  A bit on the cluttered side, but no dead space, that's for sure.

Ah, more room, so I placed the napkins on the table instead of the plates.

Trying to bring in a little fall with the glitzy ribbon!

A few special effects for drama lol...
Salt cellars were also won at an auction.

I am using battery-operated votives more and more, I am so afraid I will leave something burning and the house will catch on fire!

Goodnight!  Thanks for visiting with me!  I always appreciate your kind comments!  Come back soon!


  1. Uh, YES use that navy's beautiful in that room!!!!! It really, really works! Your china is slap-me-upside-the-head gorgeous!!! It is the ultimate in formal, and I love the navy trim on the Pickard dinner plates that gives it an even MORE formal look! What a fabulous idea to embellish the placecards with earrings! Great idea!!! That vase is rockin', too. It's really hard to find fabulous gold floral vessels. Everything looks SO pretty!!! Wonderful job, ma'am!!!

  2. What an absolutely stunning table! The navy is just gorgeous; and it's a color that you don't see very often. I think it's wonderful!! Every element on this table is sheer perfection. The china and crystal are just breathtaking! You have truly done a fabulous job!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! The navy is wonderful in your dining room and all that gold! It's kind of like what I imagine a state dinner at the White House would look like!!!! Beautiful! Enjoy your son's visit! My younger daughter is a Junior in college and is coming home also!

  4. How beautiful and elegant. I love your dining room. Those chargers are so pretty.

  5. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!! I love the navy and gold combination. So very elegant.

    Jocelyn @

  6. What an elegant table! It goes so nicely in your beautiful dining room. The pattern on the plates is so delicate and I love the burst of color in the flowers.

    Robin Flies South

  7. Love the Pickard china and the Greek key wines. All the golds look so nice together. Lovely and elegant!

  8. Very beautiful and I am always looking for table setting inspirations. Now I know exactly where to go to get it!! I am your newest follower..I hope you check out my blog 21 Rosemary Lane...maybe you will want to follow me too!
    Have a great evening!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful.. and the flowers, well they are so pretty with the table and do provide some color. The plats are soo pretty! Lovely table.. xo marlis

  10. I love your china, the dishes are striking against the navy tablecloth.....and I love your flowers. Everything is just perfect. xo

  11. You have proved what I've always believed, and that is flowers work with everything, no matter what colors! I really love navy and gold together, and you've kept it elegant and warm at the same time. Your dishes are gorgeous and so are your photos!

  12. Beautiful elegant table, Betsy. The beautiful china is very striking against the navy. Gorgeous hydrangeas...

  13. Your table is just breathtaking! I really like the navy tablecloth with the gold. Perfect combination.

  14. Lots of inspiration on your table, and the battery powered votives are a great idea.

  15. I love the navy with the gold- rich and elegant! Your china is so pretty and I love the chargers! I need more of them! I think the floral arrangement looks great! Love the tall candles! Everything is soft and elegant...your room is so pretty you could serve on paper!!

  16. Hello...

    Ohhh my goodness...what an exquisite...gorgeous...table!!! The navy blue paired with the gold is STUNNING! And you are absolutely right...the navy blue looks beautiful in your dining room (which by the fabulous!) Everything really is perfect, my friend! The navy tablecloth is beautiful...the darker color really makes your place settings "pop"! Ohhh...such beautiful place settings they are too! The china is it! It certainly sets a memorable table! Love your new's perfect for this table and the fresh flowers are gorgeous!

    Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous table with us today, my friend...this was such a treat!!!

    Warmest autumn wishes,

    PS...enjoy your son's visit, dear lady!

  17. Wow! It's gorgeous! You should definitely use that color more. I love the china too. I did a good bit of online shopping this week too.

  18. I totally agree with you and so many others, this room was made for navy and gold. The gold is set off so well by the navy cloth! I think the flowers are fabulous! You can't go wrong and the blue and cream go with the navy and gold and a shot of red is perfect.

  19. Betsy, What a gorgeous tablescape and I love the colors with your rug and wallpaper. Everything is beautiful!

  20. Very elegant tablesetting in your gorgeous dining room! Love the navy blue effects! Loving those plaid dining room chairs, too! The Chelsea House Vase was a fabulous find!

    Great idea to use the earrings on the name places cards! Perfect addition!

    Thanks for stopping in to visit my blog, and for the sweet comment left! ~Newest follower here!

  21. Oh, this is just gorgeous! I love all the gold. I'm trying to use a lot of gold for my Thanksgiving this year. I love yours with the blue.

    Of course, your dining room is such a show place that it literally creates the "perfect setting".

  22. My goodness, I hardly know where to begin! This is such an elegant table. The navy and gold combination has such a royal look to it. I love your chargers, Pickard china, and Lenox Courtyard. Beautiful dishes. I'd like something like the Lenox for my Christmas tablescape. The navy tablecloth does indeed look good in your DR, and the "leftover" flowers are so pretty. Hydrangeas are one of my very favorites.

    My tablescape turned out a bit plainer than I intended. I wanted to do simple, but sometimes, you have to see the photos to realize how it truly appears. I'm so tired this week from the time change, I feel like a sleep walker. Regardless, I always enjoy putting these tables together. :)

    Thanks for sharing and have a good weekend.


  23. Your navy is the perfect backdrop for your gorgeous gold, white & crystal on your table! It is the PERFECT SETTING in your beautifully appointed dining room! I hope you & your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  24. Oh my God I never think of blue so royal and graceful... it looks so dashing and beautiful....everything is so perfect and exotic... your china, cutlery and arrangement as well no match ...

  25. Hello my friend,

    I just wanted to come by to wish you and your family a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are having a wonderful day with family and friends, dear lady!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  26. Yes, decorating for the holidays can be quite intimidating! But you have such experience with's "a perfect setting always"!