Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Home Show Tablescapes

September has been a busy, busy month!!  We just returned from the beach, for a much-needed break and also to get a bit of work done.  We cleaned baseboards, did some touch up painting, and spruced things up after the rental season.  We left with things looking good, hope they'll stay that way until we get a chance to get back.  On to the next project--our daughter is moving out and into an apartment, an UNfurnished apartment, with three girlfriends, so we have been trying to find furnishings on a budget.  We have found some cute things, but also some things that need to be re-upholstered and some tables that need to be painted.  I will be working on that the rest of this week.  I hope to spend some time with all of you this week as well, as I didn't have the opportunity at the beach.  We had a laptop there, but it just seemed to take forever!! 

September is also the month of the Home Show, with the tablescaping contest.  Interior designers decorate tables, which not only gives them publicity, but the opportunity to win some cash.  Hope you like the tables!

The first table was designed by David Allan Ballas, Interior Design.

Gorgeous china and take a look at that tureen!!


Using crystal candleholders of various heights, he filled the cups with fruit.  One candleholder had a crystal dish on top filled with fruit.  I may steal  borrow this idea!

To complete the "room" decoration, he used a petite-sized hutch/secretary, which I really wanted to bring home, and an adorable chair.  Much attention was paid to every detail.
On to the next table!!

This table was designed by Melanie Palma Designs.  The centerpiece is very clever, with a pumpkin arrangement on top of a tall candlestick.

Place setting is so perfect for fall, with the black charger and the very cool flatware.

I loved how the flatware had a similar design as the chairs.

The designers even used rugs in their showcase.

Cute pillows in every chair.
A vignette showcasing adorable stems.
More tables to come!  Stay tuned!  Thanks for visiting with me, hope to "chat" with you very soon!  Don't give up on me yet!  I am always so grateful for your kind comments!


  1. These are so beautiful!! I really want to start table scaping again. It's so fun, and these are so inspiring.

  2. Love to see these! Looking forward to more.
    Enjoy helping your daughter with her new place. What fun for both of you!

  3. Wow! I bet you had a lot of fun! I have never seen trout dishes look so elegant! I am more drawn to the black one, just because I love anything dramatic. I can't wait to see what you do with the ideas you "borrowed"!

  4. I think one of your tablescapes would have been an excellent addition. xo

  5. I loved the fish on the dish! Come check out a Ruby Bridges tablescape!

  6. Thanks for showing these gorgeous tables. I am not a tablescaper but enjoy seeing such creativity. I like to get ideas for setting my own table on a much smaller scale.----------Shannon

  7. The table by David Allan Ballas is so luscious and I am dying for those plates. So glamourous and what a wonderful event!

  8. Both tables are beautiful, but the Ballas table is outstanding!

  9. Beautiful

    Thank you for sharing

    Karin Şen Cankan

  10. That's cool that they have this feature at your town's Home Show. Ours doesn't. I think I may need to speak with the powers that be and suggest that they add this. I think it would be a big draw once the idea catches on. Thanks for putting the idea in my pea brain! :-) Have a great weekend!

  11. Those were great! Those fish plates are beautiful. I like the mix of dishes on the one with the tall blue candlestick. The flatware was really neat, it has the look of hand forged metal. That must be fun to attend!
    Have fun with your daughters move. I'm about to do this too with mine. Her stuff is in our garage right now and I am anxious to deliver it to her apartment!

  12. Truly elegant tablescapes. The goblets with the gold swirls remind me of the champagne flutes that I painted to serve Mimosas, etc. Thank you taking us along to see the designers work. Cherry Kay

  13. Oh what fun! I adore the first table~ what a great spot to gather ideas! Hope you have a productive week with your painting & furnishing of your daughter's apartment!

  14. These are beautiful!! I particularly like the pumpkin arrangement on the candlestick! What a great idea to copy! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments! It sounds like you have been really busy! Have a great weekend!!