Monday, February 2, 2015

Small Apartment Decorating--Washington Heights

Moving in a blizzard is quite the experience.  That is how we spent last weekend--moving our daughter from the financial district in New York to Washington Heights.  I know what you are thinking, but the rent is much cheaper, and they actually have a slightly bigger apartment.

Parking was a nightmare--especially since the forecast was snow.  We were driving a SUV, which made it worse, but we somehow managed, even though the pocketbook was a lot lighter when we got home.

Thought I would share some of pictures of her apartment.  We had fun decorating, and enjoyed being together.

We just threw everything in because of the snow and cold, and it was difficult to get around.  But we were on a mission to get everything put away and organized.  Luckily, work and activities were cancelled, so we just stayed in and got it all done!
After, the apartment turned out pretty cute.  Using most of the furniture that was in her old apartment, we made it work.  The floors were really pretty!
Using her Marilyn Monroe pictures, we did a collage on the side wall on a diagonal.  The window wall was painted a dark charcoal gray and was a great accent to the room.  The door you see leads to her bedroom. If you are wondering why there are no candles in the sconces, it is because the one on the other side was over a radiator and it kept melting.  I am sending battery operated plastic taper candles for these!
We again used her bar table, club chairs, and media center from the old apartment.  To see the decor from apartment one, click here.
TV, side chair, and coat rack.  Unfortunately, this was the only place we could find to put the coat rack, but it was really ok.
We brought them this recliner from home.  The Marilyn, Bacall, and Bogart picture is above the recliner.
We found a spot for a small bistro table and two chairs in the kitchen.
I found this set at my local Tuesday Morning.  Love that store!
Since there isn't a lot of counter space, we put her cute little red table in the kitchen, and turned it into a coffee bar.
All set up to grab a cup of joe on busy mornings.
Kitchen was nice, except there was no drawer.  So we purchased a flatware caddy and set it on the counter with the toaster oven and the all-important Nutri-bullet.  
We painted the bedroom a soft gray, Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers.  It looked great with the soft pinks, ivorys, blacks, and whites we used in the room.
Comfy bed!
The space in the bedroom was tight, as you can see, but it is functional, and looks nice.
From another angle--she uses this old sewing machine table as a vanity/desk.
We hung the "South" sign above the dresser, as a reminder!
This is what you see when you first enter the apartment.  To the immediate right, is the roommate's bedroom.  Down the hall is the bathroom, and two closets, then the kitchen, living room, and the back bedroom.  Not a bad setup!
Thanks for stopping by!  To read more on our moving adventure, visit!


  1. What a nice apartment! It brings back memories of our first apartment when WE were babies!! Babies with a bay of their own! You all did a great job of decorating too.

  2. What a weekend to be moving...glad everything worked out, though. My daughter has a collection of Marilyn memorabilia...I smile as she wasn't even born until after MM's death.
    You did an amazing job of getting the living quarters squared away in such a short time, Betsy!
    Have a great week.

  3. Her apartment looks so cute! It is an attractive place and the wood floors are beautiful. I hope she's enjoying it. I suppose she has a bit of a commute now but I know NY is terribly expensive so I'm sure it's worth the extra time to save the money.

  4. The apartment looks very organized after you decorated it. The Marilyn Monroe diagonal collage is awesome! I’m amazed at how you decked your space with these frames, without it ending up looking like a gallery. In fact, it even made it look more homey and cozy. :-)

    Dianne Carroll @ Becovic Management Group