Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl Setting

Super Bowl 2015 is this Sunday and while most are preparing for Valentine's Day, I know that the way to my man's heart is sports.  So we will have a few couples over for the big game, a few beers, and probably a lot of food.

Last year, we kept it low key, and just did a pretend Super Bowl party with just the two of us.  Here are a few pictures, to get us in the mood.  Whoever you are cheering for (wait, who's playing?) let's gooooo team!!!!

Kitchen island served as the refreshment center.
What's Super Bowl without a beer in a cold glass?
 Runner was cut from that Astroturf stuff and thin white ribbon marked the yard lines.
I think last year's colors were orange and green, this year I think they are red, blue, white, and silver for Patriots and green, gray and navy blue for the Seahawks.
Bowls are ready for chili at halftime.
Found these football toothpicks at a party store and used them for the little smokies.  Gotta have something healthy on the table, so celery, carrots, and peppers it is!
We all love Buffalo Chicken Dip.
I also lined the field with football string lights and a teddy bear cheerleader.
We are ready for game time!
Chili is the traditional Super Bowl food, at our house, anyway.
Lastly, we have Coconut Cake every year, because it is also my husband's birthday, and it's his favorite.  Enjoy the game, and hope your team wins!!


  1. Not a sports fan, but I would root for whatever team you are, just to sit at this table and enjoy all the yumminess!

    1. Hi Barbara, I enjoy the half time show! And I was excited about hearing Idina Menzel sing the National Anthem. We cheered for the Seahawks, as their QB (I think) is from our hometown. They lost, but we had fun! Thanks for your visit and kind comments!

  2. What a fun set up! The astro turf is a great idea! I enjoy the Super Bowl but it's usually only the two of us and we can't eat too much. I would love a piece of that cake!

    1. Hi Liz, we had two other couples over, and the ladies sat in the kitchen most of the time. We enjoyed all the food, and I loved the entertainment aspect of the Super Bowl. Hope you are surviving in the snow, we have been spared for the most part. Thanks for visiting!!

  3. LOVE IT!! I've started my chili already and it's pudding parfaits for desert---in memory of my favorite Aunt. Thank you for the inspiration. Great table!

    1. Pudding parfaits sound yummy! Thank you for visiting and your kind comments!!