Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Garden Setting

Child number 2 is now home from his freshman year at college.  The year seems to have flown by!  We spent the day yesterday in the car, packing him up, and bringing him back home.  He will transfer next year to Virginia Tech, so off we went to Blacksburg to look for apartments.  Unfortunately, they had closed for the day, so we had a quick dinner, and started on our journey home.  My dilemma is always what to do with all the "stuff" they accumulate in a year.  Right now, it is still in the SUV, and will stay there until I can get everything into the laundry room and cleaned up. Next week Child number 1 will be back in town, for a while, anyway.  She has been on tour with a Children's Theatre group as an actress in their productions.  They have been to many states and I believe it has been a great experience for her.  She will also be in a play in Williamsburg in June called "Curtains", so if you are coming to Williamsburg, check out the production by the Williamsburg Players.  She will play Bambi.
Now, on to tablescapes.  I had planned to do this tablescape earlier, but I never got around to it.  So here it is, a garden tablescape.
My husband asked me why I wanted to use this old table, but I believe it still has charm, with it's uneven boards, and rustic feel.  I used three short runners and added cute little garden-themed pots.
I just bought some herbs to plant, so I popped them into these containers and used them as centerpieces.  The actual plants don't match the words, but we can always pretend... 
My herbs of choice are cilantro, basil, and parsley.
Salad plates were made in Italy and I purchased them a while back at Home Goods.  The dinner plates are Fitz and Floyd.  Each place had a bulb placecard holder with a tiny bouquet, which added a bit of color.  I decided not to use chargers because the table is narrow, and there wasn't much room.
Since rain threatened, we did not eat at the table, so I didn't write on the placecards.
Each plate has a different design.
I used a simple silverplate pattern along with a plain stemmed iced beverage glass.
I found these napkin rings at an estate sale.  I had every intention of spray painting them with oil rubbed bronze spray paint, but never got around to it.
Water glasses or as I like to use them, red wine stems, are Fostoria Pagoda.
I hadn't planned to use candles, but I remembered these little garden chair votive holders, so I used them on the table.
A few more pictures . . .
Thanks for stopping by!!  Drop in anytime, you are always welcome at my table!!  As always, I appreciate your kind comments,


  1. Hi Betsy!
    I guess we were on the same page with our posts!
    Your textures with these plates are awesome and I love the runners cast sideways like this. I love the "old" look of the wood too it's perfect with a garden/outdoor theme! (Men never understand that :-) ) I like your planters and I don't think it matters that the same plant isn't in them as is shown on front. I had trouble taking pictures because of the weather yesterday and it's happening again today! In fact it's thundering as I type! Spring is definitely in full swing here!
    I'd love to see your daughter in Williamsburg! My daughter also did/does acting! It's always been fun attending her plays and musicals!

  2. oooh stunning!!! Love the wonderful runners and I love the dishes. Your outdoor theme is fabulous. Your table caught my eyes right off. Love love the old piece. Have a beautiful weekend, xo marlis

  3. oooo I want to sit here for a meal and a chat!

  4. Hi Betsy, your tablescape is wonderful as always. I love the use of three smaller runners for the place settings. The little artichoke holders are so cute too. xo

  5. Betsy, I LOVE your table!! Every single element is perfect right down to the precious chair votives and napkin rings. I'd love to come and sit at your table and enjoy a long, leisurely meal just girl talking (about Tables, of course). Thank you for sharing such a lovely table with us and I hope you have a great time with your children.

  6. What a beautiful setting!! I love the old wood table!! This is such a lovely spot to enjoy a delicious, relaxed meal! My daughter will be home next week, after finishing up her freshman year, as well. I have NO idea where we will stash all of her stuff until the fall. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely setting! BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Hello, dear Betsy!!! I'm so glad you're getting a chance to spend a little time with your kids in the coming weeks. It's always nice to reconnect. It sounds like your daughter leads a very exciting life traveling and performing! Good for her!!! Your table is really terrific, and no matter that you didn't use corresponding herbs....I can't tell the difference anyway!!! Before you described which herbs you used, I was just SO sure you were gonna throw a little Simon & Garfunkel on us with "parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme"!!! :-) I am totally diggin' those bulb place card holders! I have never seen anything like that! Cool!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing weekend (as much as one can have with teenagers in the house!). Take care!

  8. I am in love with this table! Where did you find the runners? Love them. Your dishes are beautiful and so are the pots for the centerpieces. I think the table is great....LOTS of character. XO, Pinky

  9. Wow Betsy,

    You have turned an ordinary picnic table into a gorgeous outdoor setting.

    Thank you for the inspiration.


  10. Wow, what a table! I just love every bit of it. You are so talented. The napkin rings are adorable and so perfect. I'm always trying to find the "right" napkin rings. Loved your use of the table runners. All of it is just perfect.

  11. Love every pieces on your table. Actually, I really enjoyed every photo of your dishes. I know you had fun setting this one!

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  12. Such a charming table! The garden theme is just so appealing for an outdoor gathering!

  13. I think the table has charm and is lovely with your pretty dishware and glasses. You can make anything look fabulous! Happy Mother's day.

  14. Betsy, this is a beautiful outdoor tablescape. Love the tablerunner, dishes, napkins and goblets. You have touched on every detail and it is lovely.

  15. What a cool concept! eating in such a beautiful green fresh garden hmmm