Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 Tribute

We will never forget where we were that fateful day.  Even though it's been 10 years, I still grieve for those who perished as if it were yesterday.  The stories are so sad, but inspirational and hopeful.  One man who lost his wife remarked on TV that when his children smile, the terrorists lose.  Life goes on, but we must remember those who lost their lives that day.

In the late 80's I taught an extremely bright, young man in my high school business class who was very interested in business and finance.  He was very motivated, inspiring to others, and his smile brightened the room.  That young man went to University of Virginia, and later became a bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald.  His name was Douglas Ketcham and he lost his life that day in Tower 1. 

Read Doug's story here, at Kat's Peanut Head blog and a tribute by Eric Cantor.

God bless America!


  1. I'm very sorry for your loss. My brother-in-law's cousin perished that day also, he worked at Euro Brokers at 2 World Trade.

  2. How sad, sad this day is, we we'll never forget, Americans, people from all walks of life that worked on the towers, fireworkers, policemen and of course, Newyorkers, we we'll never forget 10 years ago, this catastrophy was caused by muslim extremists. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Fabby

  3. Cantor Fitzgerald was very hard hit. My son's friend tells his story of escaping death from Cantor F that day.
    For us here in NY, it is still so raw, remembering all the services and the pages and pages of obits in the local paper. I watched this morning as every name was read. So many lives lost and families destroyed.
    God help their families.

  4. The town I live in was one of the hardest hit. statistically. My husband worked in the city and I was pregnant. It was an amazingly difficult day personally. And an incredibly difficult date nationally.

    - The Tablescaper

  5. Yes, it truly was individuals and faces and their stories are the real story of loss, love and going on. thank you.