Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Perfect Setting for Birds

Living in a house with two males who love sports is sometimes like living on a different planet.  They speak a different language and see things on tv that I just don't see.  I'm looking at the same tv that they are, yet I cannot see what they are getting all worked up about.  At one point this past week-end, the sports announcer came on and said that it wasn't a good week-end for birds.  I'm wondering which birds he's talking about, did something happen to the birds?  Well, I was informed that he was referring to several teams who had bird names--the Falcons, the Eagles, and the Ravens, I think--because they had lost their games this week.  Feeling sorry for all the birds gave me a little inspiration for tablescaping.  This is actually what started my blog--I needed something to do to occupy my time while the guys were watching sports.

So today's tablescaping is in honor of all those 'bird' teams! 

I've been looking at this table runner from Pottery Barn for a few weeks, so I broke down today and purchased it.  I also got the matching napkins.

Chargers are from Target, and I was surprised to see that they had very similar ones at Pottery Barn (a bit more expensive...)

These little white birds are from Home Goods, I think.  I've had them a while, so I'm not sure.

This little bird is peeking around the vase of Alstroemeria.

Wines are Park Lane by Mikasa, and iced beverages are Gorham.

Birds rest on top of a square white cake plate and are used as the centerpiece.

The bowls are designed with a little bird's nest and eggs on the side.

The plates also have a bird design and they were purchased at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

Yellow accent plates were purchased at Dillard's last summer.

Sterling is Lunt.

I will say before I leave, that I do try to like sports.  And I really like watching and cheering when my son is playing. Unfortunately, this is the last season that I will get to see him play basketball.  But he will be on to bigger and better things, with a little luck and God's blessing.  Hopefully next year we will be watching college football somewhere with him, and they will continue to speak a language that I don't understand.  But I will clap at all the appropriate times and have fun tailgating!! 
Thanks for stopping by, as for now I'm striving for A Perfect Setting!!


  1. This is just gorgeous! What a beautiful table setting. I know your "guys" appreciate when you create such a lovely place to dine. I so know what you mean about not seeing what they see happening during a game...they speak a whole different language. ;) Wish I understood it more, though not sure I need anymore hobbies. LOL

  2. What a pretty table! I can see why you went back for the runner and napkins. They are just darling. Love the bird motif and the colors.

    What Gorham pattern is your crystal? I like it a lot. So pretty. And I want to steal your cute yellow plates. That's a great shade of yellow, and I could use it in our house. This table just feels fresh and festive. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...


    Sheila :-)

  3. How Tweet it is! Love it! I have a recipe for Lemon Souffle Tartlets that would look so good with this! I'll be the men would just love it! LOL
    The bowls with the nest design are so neat as well as the bird plates...popping the yellow undeneath is perfect!
    It's been so cold here I worry about the little birds out there! Keeping the feeders full!

  4. The birds, plates and bowls, chargers, table runner...Your table looks so inviting. Lovely!

  5. I giggled at the comment about clapping at all the appropriate times. So funny. I hope you DO get to follow him through college sports.

    And I love the table. It's definitely one of my favorites this week. The fact that the birds in the dishes are etched in so subtly is my favorite part. You get to notice them in the details. Love the linens with the birds on them. The centerpiece is perfect!

    And if I had heard the announcer, I would have thought he meant all those random birds that keep dropping from the sky that they keep reporting.

  6. Love your Parklane.. have some myself! Thanks for droppin in with your kind words. Your table is wonderful. I love all the texture and the runner was perfect for the theme. those white birds are darling.

  7. I love your table setting! It even goes perfectly with your chairs! Aren't those chargers great? I have similar ones from Pier One - they go with almost anything!

  8. I just love it! I'm a big bird lover. The color pallete is perfect!

  9. What a great table! I loved those linens when I saw them at PB, too. You really carried out the bird theme beautifully! The candlelight shots near the end of your post are magical!

  10. OMGoodness, I love everything about this table!!! The bowls and plates are so pretty! The runner and napkins, I love! I have seen that pattern at PB and have wished for it! Every element on the tabvle is perfect!!!!
    I do love football and watch it with my hubby and probably yell louder than him some days:):):) But, I also love tablescaping! XO, Pinky

  11. Very lovely tablesetting. I like the yellow they compliment your runner and napkins. Love the birds plates

  12. Your table is gorgeous! I LOVE the runner and napkins and the color palette is beautiful! I like how the chargers bring out the brown in the runner. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful table with us.

  13. This is absolutely beautiful! I would have went back for that runner also! I to live in a house with two males and no exactly what you mean about "their own language". My son went to college and you will follow whatever sport they are in to. I never use to watch college football or basketball, but I do now. And for the other male in my home, has no interest in dishes or the creative side of me so that is why I also started blogging. This is a wonderful blog with a touching story and a beautiful table. Thank you for sharing!

  14. I am sorry!! I was trying to correct my comment with some of the words I used and didn't know it would show up like it did. So I do apologize for the wrong words that were used. ( I too live in a house with two males) and (know exactly what you mean)

  15. Beautiful and just perfect! I love the linens too. I can see why you were drawn to it. I really do love this combination of colors too. Just beautiful!! THanks for stopping by:-)

  16. Beautuifully set table! Gives me great hope that spring is just around the corner, while still celebrating the beauty of winter.

  17. Beautiful table...the plates with the raised bird design are just so pretty, as is the table runner.

  18. Just lovely. I love it when everything comes together into such a perfect table!

  19. Well I can see why the birds had a bad week in sports....they were all trying to get a spot at your lovley table! This is so pretty and reminds me that Spring IS coming....right? I'm sure hoping the groundhog says so in a few days!

  20. This table is beautiful! It is bright and refreshing but still inviting and warm feeling on this cold day! I know what you meant about the sports--I try not to ask the questions that get the eye rolls....Linda