Monday, January 17, 2011

A Perfect Setting's 'New' Bathroom Vanity

It has been a while since I've posted, sorry about that.  I'm not sure whether it's a lack of motivation, inspiration, or what.  I do know I've been trying to get my house back together and change a few things for a little boost to the spirit. 

A friend of ours has a company called New Projet which specializes in interior painted finishes.  He has painted our foyer--

He has also painted our family room, my husband's office, and my son's bedroom (I wouldn't dare post that picture). 

A lot of homes in our area have the standard bathroom vanities and rather than rip out and replace, which is time consuming, inconvenient, and costly, I decided to ask John of New Projet to paint the bathroom vanity.

Bathroom vanity before ...

Bathroom vanity after!  Big improvement.

Thanks for visiting A Perfect Setting, come back later this week for a little tablescaping!!  Visit New Projet's website:  Oh yea, picture 15 features the columns he painted  in my home. 

Thanks to Susan for hosting Metamorphosis Monday!


  1. Hi Betsy, I love your foyer and the tree is fabulous. What a difference paint made to the vanity. Beautiful! Lets get together soon for lunch.

  2. love the cabinet You did a great job! Painting is something I really enjoy to.

  3. Hi Betsy!
    Your vanity turned out so nice...he did a great job painting it and I really like the added decorative molding. Looks beautiful!

  4. What a difference a bit of paint and glaze made to your vanity!!

  5. It's really pretty! I did something similar in 2 of my bathrooms. Now if I could only get some granite countertops!!

  6. Pretty fancy! Looks great! Hang on to the brass faucets too ( I am ) I am told by a person that's in the decorating industry it's coming back!
    I also added dark bronze to my bathroom so it would work with the brass..great idea! I like the wood onlay/applique piece that was added to the vanity...looks French now!

  7. I love the makeover, I painted mine as well to spruce it up.

  8. Very nice makeover. The paint colour and new hardware really freshen it up :-) The scroll detail is a nice touch :-)