Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Perfect Setting for Turkeys

With fall winding down, high school football season is now over.  Last Friday night was Senior night, and we had the honor of being escorted on to the field with our son, his last football game.  One of our friends sent us all an email and I'd like to share some of it with you.  It was very touching, and it definitely brought a tear to my eye.  For those of you who have sons who play or have played sports, I think you will be as moved as I was:

Countless hours have been invested by your sons and each of you into a sport which is so unlike other team sports. It has allowed them to appreciate elements of teamwork, leadership, and the reward of personal effort. Learning to rest an injury and to play through a hurt. Respecting their coaches. Most players grow from such experiences and I trust this is the case for your sons. 

Some of our players may continue their experience into college, but for many, tonight will be bittersweet.  They celebrate their experience of football at MHS and, at the same time, begin to realize it may be their last time in pads.

For most, their love of this sport will never end. As a fan, they will always view the game from a different perspective. They’ll see the blocks that opened the hole, not just the running back who scores. The defender who turns the sweep inside where his linebacker wraps-up and gets the glory.  They’ll be an insider, appreciate the term “any given Sunday”, and will never forget their victory over (their rival).

As they grow they may give back by investing their time and knowledge into the development of young players and hopefully their own sons. They’ll form bonds with these players and follow their progress from association ball, to high school, and maybe beyond.  Through this they will discover that their football career didn’t end on Senior Night, but just took another form as they continue to be rewarded by the greatest sport on earth.

Thank you, Bill!

Association football days...seems like yesterday!

And on to tablescaping, it's almost turkey day!!

The majestic bird sits atop a mound of autumn leaves.

The table runner consists of garlands of fall leaves and berries.

Turkey was purchased at Home Goods last year.

Turkey square plates were purchased at TJ Maxx recently.  Placemats and napkins are from Tuesday Morning, a few years ago.  Flatware is Italian Countryside!!

Sugar and creamer are Heisey, and were my mother's.

Amber-colored stems were purchased at Tuesday Morning, and iced beverages are Lenox (I think).  I purchased them from an individual seller, who wasn't sure...

Pillar candle holders were purchased at TJ Maxx several years ago.

Thanks for stopping by!  Come back soon and as always, I'm striving for A Perfect Setting!

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  1. I really love this entire table. That turkey is wonderful in the centerpiece surrounded by the leaves. I also love those colorful square turkey plates.

    I would love to have some tall pillar candles like that. They give that height to the table without obstruct ing the view.

    I just scrolled through this several times just to enjoy it.

  2. That gorgeous centerpiece is certainly appropriate for the abundance of the fall season. Thank you for sharing this beautiful table. Love the square turkey plates. Gotta love T J Maxx!
    Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Sarah

  3. Very pretty! Gorgeous centerpiece and I love your tall candlesticks too! Wonderful turkey plates. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a beautiful table! Everything looks just wonderful. Your turkey plates are so nice. I so know how you feel about the end of the sports season. I still miss watching my son play basketball. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. VERY nice! Love the turkey in the centerpiece!

  7. What a beautiful table! I love the centerpiece and your square turkey plates are very pretty!...Christine

  8. What a lovely table! Love your centerpiece and those gorgeous square plates :-)

  9. Your centerpiece is so lovely. I love the turkey on the leaves!!! Great dishes. Truly a welcoming table.

  10. Beautiful table...the centerpiece is awesome!

  11. Love the turkey plates. Your table is lovely and perfect for Thanksgiving!

  12. You've embellished the total environment of your dining's absolutely gorgeous. I'm in love with those candlesticks! Job well done! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. This is my first time visiting -- gorgeous table, lovely home! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Best regards,

  14. How nice of you to visit me back! Especially since I haven't had a 'current' post! :)
    I just became a Follower -- I had to find you from your 'profile' from your comment, since you didn't have your email connected with your comment, hence this second message on this post! :)
    I will be back to visit you too! Please visit me soon for my 'xmas/anniv' giveaway!

  15. Beautiful job on the tablescape! Love the turkey plates and the center piece is terrific!
    I enjoyed your story about the football days and I agree the e-mail letter was very well put...enjoy these years, it does go by fast! My son is already 27 now and I can hardly believe it! Happy Thanksgiving, Liz

  16. Such a beautiful table, I'm not disappointed! I love the turkey dishes - I may run over to TJ Maxx tomorrow! The candlesticks -gorgeous, the glasses - stunning! Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

  17. Your Thanksgiving table is breathe taking! I especially love the candlesticks. Gorgeous!