Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A November Perfect Setting

It is one of our greatest fears--that of speaking in front of a group.  Which is why I found myself sick to my stomach in the school bathroom when I was in 8th grade.  I had been chosen as an officer in the FHA--Future Homemakers of America--and as one of my duties, I had to come up with a program agenda and introduce all guest speakers.  I had literally made myself sick from the anxiety, and seriously did not think I could get through it.  My Home Ec teacher, I'll call her Mrs. Lee, sent someone to get me, and I left the bathroom to face my fears and do my duty.  I somehow made it through that introduction without dying, and my Home Ec teacher had been confident in my abilities from the beginning.  Being the people pleaser that I was am, I did not want to disappoint.  Mrs. Lee taught me how to do so many of the things I do today, I wonder what I would have done had I not taken those two years of Home Ec.

I often wonder, too, about our daughters.  We have been so busy making sure they have wonderful educations and careers, have we neglected to teach them the things they need to know in order to have a home and family?  I went on to teach high school, and overcame my fear of standing before a group, and one of my best teacher friends was the Home Ec teacher.  Of course, then they called her the Family Life teacher.  The curriculum was altered, and mock weddings and open houses became a part of their studies.  Now there are no Home Ec or Family Life teachers, and no room in high school students' busy schedules for classes such as sewing or cooking. 

I am grateful that I had that opportunity.  Even though I had lots of great women in my life who taught me SO MUCH, Mrs. Lee gave me confidence and instilled in me the joys of homemaking day in and day out for two years.  I will continue to write about her, as well as the other influential women in my life.

By the way, the guest speaker I introduced that day was speaking on flower arranging!  lol Hope I got something out of that meeting, I attempted to gather whatever I could find in the yard for today's centerpiece.
The turquoise topper is a card table cloth and the perfect color to go with the dinner plates I am using.

The white leaf plates were purchased at GW, along with a large white leaf-shaped platter.  Great find!  Notice my new flatware, my recent win at Anita's Far Above Rubies giveaway, which is Mikasa's Italian Countryside.  I love it!
These accent plates are the perfect color, and were purchased at Dillard's.  I think they are by Main Ingredient.

These plates are my inspiration today.  They are creamy white, with turquoise and green leaves, and purple berries.  The dishes are Vintage Fine China (Japan), and were my Mom's.  I have no idea where they came from.  Even though the colors don't scream autumm, I thought the leaves and berries were perfect to use this time of year.

These napkin rings were also a Goodwill find.  They have a place where you can add a flower and a tiny bit of water so that your flower doesn't wilt.  I guess you have to warn your guests to be careful when removing the napkin:)

I found these adorable salt cellars at Tuesday Morning last week.  Unfortunately, they only had four.  I'm keeping my eyes out for more!  I love the shape!

The purple glasses were also purchased at Goodwill, and the wine is Crown Pointe by Gorham. 

The lighting makes the glasses look a bit more on the purple side, and the napkins appear a bit more burgundy.  Actually, they are very similar in color.
Candles are lit...

Another great view of flatware.

Thanks for stopping by!  If you get a chance, let me know if you took Home Ec in school and your thoughts about the experience (or lack thereof).  I am thankful for all the wonderful women that have touched my life!  Have a great week, and come back to see me, I will continue to strive for A PERFECT SETTING!


  1. I also took Home Ec in 7th and 8th grade. I was thinking yesterday (as I was sewing pillow covers) that it's too bad my girls (now 27 and 31) didn't have that opportunity. It's sometimes easier to learn from a teacher than a mother!!

  2. Your table settings are lovely and the flowers look great. I'm new to your blog so I have to compliment your kitchen too, just beautiful! I would be elated to have so much room!
    I took Home Ec in a few grades in Junior High and High School. Back then we didn't have the aggressive curriculum they require now to be prepared to go to college.
    I have often thought of the fact that there is no one to mentor the young on these subjects except us mothers, and often times that gets overlooked because of the hectic schedules. With so many people living off of boxed foods and take out these days there are an awful lot of people not learning the basics anymore, as well as the economics of cooking at home that is a real savings for the wallet!
    I made sure my daughter spent some time with me in the kitchen, she took to baking easily enough and I felt good about that.
    I learned sewing from my Mom and the sewing classes they offered were just fun for me.
    All in all I enjoyed what I learned and every so often something they taught me like the proper way to measure flower comes up and sparks a memory of those days.
    I think the new cooking shows have taken the place of the classrooms for a lot of people.
    It's a different world for sure!

  3. Great post! I also have fond memories of taking home ec, and your post brought them to mind. I love this color scheme -- the turquoise and purple are fabulous together! LOVE those glasses!

  4. Oh how pretty! Love the turquoise and amethyst-very beautiful together. And those salt cellars are darling!

    I never took Home Ec and was one of the few girls at my school that didn't take it. I was never interested in cooking and sewing and that was the gist of our Home Ec classes in high school. I learned how to cook around 7 years or so ago and learned a ton from the Food Network.

  5. Very pretty! I love the layered look!

  6. So pretty. Love the twist on Fall colors and love the leaf plates.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Nope, no home ec for me. Band was my thing.

    Your table is perfectly gorgeous. I love the colors you used.

  8. What a beautiful table! The colors are a great combo! Love that Mikasa flatware, Congrats on winning it!!!!!

  9. Your kitchen and dining areas are beautiful! I am in love with your flatware. It's simply lovely!!!

  10. The turquoise, purple and white make a very pretty table.

  11. love your tablescape. Very pretty dinner plates. I like the use of soft colors.

    I took Home Ec in ninth grade. I remember we used our new sewing skills to make an apron.

  12. Hope Woods was my Home Ec teacher in the 9th grade. I still use the lessons that I learned from her. The semester that we spent learning to sew, we each had to make a gathered skirt with waist band and zipper and a top. We all had to use the same amount of fabric and gather it to fit our waist. I had a 17" waist, and it was the thickest waistband that I've EVER seen on a skirt. The night that we were finally allowed to take it home and hem it, I was so thrilled to be through with the blasted thing. I stood up to give a cheer...only to discover that I had sewn it to my pajamas! LOL. Thank you for sharing your lovely design and your story. Cherry Kay

  13. I just love your table. The purple in the glasses and napkins adds a wonderful touch of fall color. Thanks for sharing your story and table. Young girls today could really use some of these helpful skills.