Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Christmas Decor Inspiration

It's  not even Halloween yet, so why a Christmas post already?  If you're like me, the older I get, the longer it takes so I'm starting early.  I recently read that if it helps to reduce stress, then go for it.  These are actually pictures from last year that I never posted.  

So I am starting with the foyer, as you come in the front door.  

A white and silver decorated tree in a porcelain fish bowl sits at the bottom of the steps.
Santa and his reindeer are my greeters.
A garland adorns the staircase.  I loop it around so we can still grip the handrail.  Safety first!!
At one time I enjoyed decorating with fresh greenery but I like it to stay up for awhile and I don't like the mess.
On to the living room, which is just a small room to the left off the foyer.  

Two marble pedestals hold silver arrangements.
My nativity is displayed here.

Moving on to the dining room--

My silver deer is included in my centerpiece, but is removed when we dine here.
This epergne lives here on my buffet, but I change the arrangement for Christmas.
The dining room tree is decorated with silver, crystal, and burgundy decorations.
I love using silver trays in decorating. 
There are lights under the deer but I forgot to cut them on for the picture.
Christmas Eve dinner is held in the dining room and I use a fresh arrangement along with the other decor on the table.

My tea cart is ready for service.

Stopping here for now, will post the rest in a day or two!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


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