Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Outdoor Bridal Shower, Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Taylor's Outdoor Bridal Shower.  With the BTB, the MOB, FOB, my hubby, a friend, and bridesmaids helping to set up, we were able to set up the morning of with time left to shower and dress before the guests arrived at 1:00.
A cute banner provided by one of  the BTB's bridesmaids adorned the outdoor tent.  This is the area we had available for gifts as the guests arrived.  
A cute picture of the BTB and GTB sat on the table with the gifts.  Since I have terrible handwriting, I cheated and used the computer.
One of the games played was "Who Am I?"  Each guest jotted down a memory, and the BTB read each one aloud and guessed who had written it.  She got most of them right!  Party favors were cute gold boxes tied with white ribbon which held candy and were passed out to guests at the end of the shower.
Another bird feeder umbrella decorated the gift table.
I was trying to find a suitable clipboard or paper to record gifts and names but the MOH was a step ahead of me and used her laptop.  Another bridesmaid made the ribbon bouquet to use at the rehearsal.
The BTB preparing to open the many gifts.

One creative shower gift was a basket of wine to celebrate a year of firsts.  Each one was labeled with clever "firsts" of which I can't remember right now.
The ribbon bouquet after all the gifts were opened was quite cute!
The BTB reading the memories!
A silver tray with chalkboard center listed drinks available which consisted of white wine Sangria, pink lemonade, and sweet tea.

We set up a selfie backdrop on the basketball court.
  Props were available for the girls to use for the all-important selfie.
Another game we played was guess my age!
Drink decanters were set up on the tea cart.
The BTB with her guests.
Yours truly with the BTB and MOB!

I hope you enjoyed your visit today!  Next week I am hosting a Bridal Tea for one of my daughter's friends, so be sure and stop by! 


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  1. Hi Betsy, everything looks fabulous. A lovely event for Taylor. Loving your sweet details. The tent is wonderful and the party favors. I hope you share this with our readers at our link party, Dishing It & Digging It. The party is live now. Have a fabulous week.