Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Fireplace Re-Do

It was time to say goodbye.  This brick fireplace had seen better days.  An update was needed!  Unfortunately, hubby thought the brick looked great.  Why is it that men don't like to re-do brick or paint wood?  Anyway, I decided I needed to paint the brick a lighter color.  When I told him, he had a fit.  Well, maybe not a fit, but he certainly didn't like the idea, so he said, "how about stone?"  Well, I tried to curb my enthusiasm.  Let it be known that I didn't waste much time picking out the stone and the marble hearth.  Of course, if we are doing all that, a newer mantle was necessary as well.

The brick had seen its better days!
Nothing exciting here.
The new fireplace looks so much better, updated, and is now a real focal point in the room.
The colors are more vivid in person, and don't show up well in the pictures because of the light from the windows, but they are a nice combination of grays and creams, which tie everything in the area together, from the wall color in the family room, to the cream color in the kitchen.  The hearth is marble and has the same colors as the stone.
So much better!!

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  1. Wow! What a difference! You did a wonderful job of choosing the stone, mantle and hearth. It all works so well together! Aren't you going to love decorating for the holidays? Such a pretty space. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch