Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Home Tour

Today we are touring the home of a friend of mine who is an interior designer.  She was kind enough to have us over for Easter dinner last year, and I've been saving these photos to share with you!  She displays bunnies throughout her beautiful home all year, but the bunnies quickly multiply at Easter, and the design is whimsical, elegant, and lovely! 

This bench is in the breakfast room, and holds a basket of veggies and a cute bunny holding spring flowers!
Also in the breakfast room, the credenza displays a collection of silver items, adorned with eggs and bunnies!  The azaleas are real, and were displayed throughout her home.  Each item is displayed with such detail in mind, such as the bees on the glitter candles.
A beautiful spring wreath welcomes guests.
Before the dining table is set for dinner, a lovely arrangement of spring flowers, eggs, and Easter candy set the tone for a happy gathering.
On the kitchen island, an Easter bunny holds beautiful dogwoods.
Appetizers before the meal included shrimp cocktail.
A happy circle of bunnies hold a beautiful Easter lilly on the breakfast table where the food was served.
More azaleas!
This bunny guards his eggs in a basket on the floor in the breakfast room.
The console in the foyer is beautiful with a display of dogwood in a silver trumpet vase, metallic eggs in a silver basket, and a cute artistic bunny!
A close-up of the console table with metallic eggs and artistic bunny.

The table is set with fine china, lovely linens, and sterling flatware.  Fresh lavender is displayed in tiny vases.
Silver candlelabras hold lavender glitter candles.
Vintage glassware for wine, water, and iced tea.
In the living room, an enormous Easter tree is decorated with dogwood blooms and many different Easter ornaments.

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny are ready for the festivities to begin!
The view into the living room from the foyer.
The vase of flowers is moved to a pedestal leading into the bedroom.
A large silver tray holds a bunny pitcher, sugar, creamer, napkins, and vintage spoon.

Happy Easter!

Sorry for the blurred photographs, but I felt they were still worth sharing.  I had camera issues and had to use my cell phone.  Think I have those issues taken care of (hopefully).


  1. Oh wow, absolutely stunning! Everything is just beautifully arranged. I really like the circle of bunnies around the Easter Lily and the floral arrangement in that Old Paris vase and your tablecloth and your bunny cart, I just love it all!!
    Have a blessed Easter weekend,

  2. Yes, Gina, thanks for your comments. Her home is quite beautiful!