Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No Skimpy Garland

Skimpy garland is not something I'm fond of.  I am also not fond of paying huge amounts of money for nice, thick luxurious looking garland.  So I decided to make my own.  I am aware that most people have moved on, and are thinking of spring, but if I don't record this now, I probably won't get to it or remember to do it next year! 

Start by looking for the fullest, long-needle garland you can find at a reasonable price.  I purchased mine at AC Moore for $19.99 for a 9' piece.  I bought 5 pieces for my outside decorations, 2 for my mantle, and 1 to cut up and use in wreaths and for other decorations. 
Start by opening up the garland and lying it on a flat surface.  I was fortunate that my friend allowed me to work in her interior decorating shop.
Take a cheaper garland, I used some I already had from previous years, and lie it in the center and on top of  the long-needle garland, opening it up and fluffing needles as you go. At this point, I also went ahead and put on white lights.  I used a strand of 100 lights for each 9' piece of garland.  Make sure you test them ahead of time!
I used cable ties to secure the two garlands together.  I secured the garlands underneath the lights, just in case I had to remove the lights--you know how they can be working one minute and out the next.  
These zip ties worked like a charm.  You just put them through, pull them tight, and cut off the excess.  No tying or twisting necessary!
Here is a closeup of the garlands being secured.  The zip ties went under the lights just in case I had light issues.  At this point, you are ready to decorate your garland with your desired decorations.  I don't have pictures of the steps, but I just placed the decorations on first where I thought they looked good, and hot-glued them on.  I used iced holly, iced berries, pine cones, and red birds in nests.  I also used some of the extra garland to make a centerpiece, and tied on a red bow.  Here's how it looked when it was all done!
No skimpy garland!  I also matched the wreath to the decorations on the garland to give it a custom look.  The ribbon on the light fixtures matches the ribbon on the wreath.
On the centerpiece, I added three ornaments that matched the ones on the wreath, a red bow, and pieces of holly.
 The centerpiece is totally separate, I just hooked it on after putting up the garland.
 I also used garland on the rails.
I added berries, holly, and birds to my live trees in the pots, along with white lights.
The wreath is loaded with iced berries, holly, birds, iced branches, pine cones, and red ribbon.  Red shows up well on my wooden door.
I found this little metal deer at an estate sale and brought him home.  I used fresh greenery from my backyard and a faux candle, which came on automatically in the evening thanks to the timer!
The little birds in nests were added after I put the garland up, so I could space them properly.
 I also used three spotlights.
In one of those home catalogs, their garland costs $70.00 for a 9' piece.  I think mine looks just as good, and it was much cheaper!
Hope this helps next year, ha!!

Stay warm, thanks for visiting!


  1. Ooh beautiful! That's a great idea and far less costly than the good stuff at some of the catalog stores I've seen. You accented the front of your home in grand style! The wreath is gorgeous.

    1. Thanks, Liz! A little late posting, but better late than never, I guess. I've been so busy, but things are definitely slowing down, a little too much, I think. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. It ALL looks gorgeous. Do you live in a warm climate? I just ask cause any faux berries that have a styrofoam base will POP in the freezing weather and you will see the white styrofoam. Just to let you know. This is VERY pretty, love the wreath too. Are the trees in the urns real? Beautiful job!!!!

    1. Hi Pinky, yes I've had them do that before, but luckily that didn't happen this year. It's all stored away now, so hopefully it will be ok to use next year, anyway. Then I'll just pull off the decorations, and change it up a bit. Yes, the trees are real in the urns. Thanks for your kind comments, and for visiting my blog!

  3. Replies
    1. Umm, I think so lol I've seen some of my pictures on Pinterest.

  4. I think this is the PERFECT time to post this so that people can think it over for next year. I JUST got finished getting all the Christmas stuff reorganized and put away this evening after 8 long days of work on it, and while I'm glad to have that done, I'm already thinking ahead to next year. I do this with my garland that goes over the mantel, the armoires, and on the stair rails. It really is a great way to "cheat" yourself some fine garland for a lot less moolah. And, of course, it's ALL bought at after-Christmas sales, so the price is kept REALLY low! I've never hot glued the ornaments in because I change my decor every freakin' year (I need to be stopped!), but if I ever settle on a look, hot glue it is!!! :-)

    Your front doorway looks spectacular! Truly the kind of porch that when a person walks up they would sort of gasp and turn green with envy! That wreath on the door is just FABULOUS!!! I wish our front entry had a portico so that I could feel comfortable putting decor out like that. I'm always so afraid of it blowing away or getting so much snow or ice accumulated on it that it rips away from the casing (our front faces north, so that's a real possibility). Please call Ramon and tell him to have a portico installed immediately so that I will be happy. While you're at it, go ahead and rally for new living room & dining room furniture, and new carpet on the lower level. Couldn't hurt to ask, huh? ;-)

    Beautiful, dahling! Enjoy your week!

  5. Hey Alycia, well if I call Ramon, would you call Winston and ask him to buy that new Armoire I saw for my bedroom?? lol Congrats on getting your stuff re-organized and put away. I've been working on it for the past week or so myself, had to take everything out of a closet and re-do in order to get everything back in! Yes, that's probably true, it is a good time to buy stuff like that for next year. I was thinking I would use the same thing again, but next year I might add in some red ornaments. Oh heck, if I change it up, I'll just yank em out! haha Thanks for your sweet comments, Stay warm, my friend, and thanks for stopping by!!

  6. Wow!! Your Christmas decorations are just stunning!

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