Monday, February 18, 2013

A Bridal Shower Setting Part 2

A while back, I helped a friend host a bridal shower at her lovely home, and posted pictures as Part 1 of A Bridal Shower.  I promised Part 2 would be coming!  Of course, I immediately forgot about it, until a new reader reminded me.  Thanks, Gayle!!  Without further ado, here are the pictures of my friend's lovely home.
The large foyer is designed for entertaining.  It is in the center of the home, and most rooms branch off from here.  You can see the front door to the left and the gorgeous living room is to the right.  Let's take a look in there!
This room is beautiful in the pictures, but actually they don't even do it justice.  This is what you see when you first enter the room.  Every decorative item has been exquisitely selected and placed just so.
This lovely tray holds beautiful bottles and candy dishes.
A closer look ...
A crown of gold is added to this little Cupid, who is seriously considering a bite of chocolate.
A beautiful small table sits in front of the window.
The angle of this picture is taken from the opposite side of the room.  The back left corner displays a beautiful armoire and chair.
The large, curved sofa displays a leopard throw and pillow.
Between two windows, a curio displays exquisite collectibles, and a picture of her handsome son is displayed to the right.  The table to the left holds silver albums of family pictures.
Extra seating was added for the bridal shower.
Another table display--I love the small vase of roses.

The mirrored wall behind the fireplace is so very upscale and chic!
Peeking out the window, you see a view of her front porch.
Exiting the living room, you notice this fishbowl and statue.  The beauty is in the details!
Off to the right of the foyer is the library.  It is fairly dark here, so my pictures didn't turn out so great.
A classic hunt scene oil hangs above the green velvet sofa.  Lots of leopard, paneled walls, and gorgeous accessories fill this room.
Sorry the pictures are blurred, but this room is worth showing!
The powder room is also lovely.
Back in the foyer, her childrens' portraits line the staircase.  This wallpaper is over 20 years old, and still looks as fresh as it did then.
Cute bunny in the breakfast room.
The dining room table is almost ready for guests.
The server holds various brides' baskets filled with various desserts.
Delicious and beautiful!
A wine station was set up in the kitchen.  To view more pictures of this home and the bridal shower, click here!

Thanks for visiting today.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this lovely home.


  1. Such a gorgeous home! Thanks for sharing. xo

  2. Thanks for posting, it is beautiful!Elegant but at the same time a HOME.

  3. That lamp in her library...the one by the window in the first picture...that's the lamp I've had in my mind's eye for MY library!!! Haven't found one here in the fabulous Midwest, but I'm always on the lookout. The crown on the Cupid statue's head was a really cute touch! I like it when people add unexpected little fun touches in otherwise serious rooms. I also like that she has touches of animal print around the house. That always livens up things! I would kill for a foyer that big!!!!!! OK, maybe not "kill." But I would sure smack someone around pretty good for it! :-) Very pretty house with lots of pretty furnishings!