Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Snappin' and Draggin'

It feels as if I've been away for quite a while, but actually it's only been two weeks.  So much has been going on!  I will summarize by saying that I've been asked to help a designer with a room in the 2012 Richmond Symphony House, and I opened up a booth at our local antique mall.  I have been having a lot of fun with this booth.  It all started when I read about all the fantastic things bloggers were purchasing at estate sales, so I started going with the sole intent of looking for tablescaping items.  Pretty soon I discovered that if I brought anything else home, I was going to have to take something out.  I started talking with some friends who have booths, and the idea was born.  I kicked it around for a while, but I was feeling a bit scared.  So I asked a friend to go in halves with me, and she agreed to three months, so after that I'm on my own.  I have found some great little pieces of furniture and I've been painting and restoring some pieces, and they have actually turned out pretty well.  My sales were slow the first month, but I have been doing much better this month.  Now granted, I am by no means an expert at this, but I am learning and having fun in the process.
As far as the designer house goes, I will be helping out the designer if she is chosen to do a room.  More on this later.  We will present her plans for the rooms (dining room and study) to the committee in mid-April, and I guess we will find out shortly after that if she's chosen.  If so, I will document the process from beginning to end, but I can't post until the actual showing is over.  I'm hoping she gets the dining room...
In between painting and designing, I set a simple table, but with some of my favorite colors.  I had to include green for St. Patrick's Day, so pink and green it is!
Sometimes I'm snappin' and other times I'm draggin'...

I chose a pretty pink and green Ralph Lauren tablecloth and napkins.

Napkin rings were purchased at an estate sale.

Stems are Navarre by Fostoria.  I found four more of the waters at an antique show recently!! 

The green and pink Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates, salads, and bowls were purchased at Tuesday Morning.  I'm thinking I got the chargers there as well.

 Silverplate is Repousse.

Thanks for visiting with me today!  If you're in the Richmond area, come by and visit my booth at the Midlothian Antique Center!!  Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!!


  1. What a beautiful and fun elegant table you put together..You'll love having a mall space and your's looks wonderful my friend..Hope you have a great week..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  2. Hi Betsy,

    What a fun idea, I hope you are enjoying yourself. I love new adventures too!


  3. Beautiful! Love your colors! Thanks for sharing,come and follow me back Joann

  4. Oh, wow! Oh, wow! Oh, wow!!!!!!!! I love this! The pink and green is so pretty, and the snapdragons...hooray!!! This is so beautifully put together! Good for you for stepping out there to set up a booth of your own! I know you will do a great job and that sales will be soaring soon. From the photo it looks like you are off to a great start already! Congratulations on your opportunity to help the designer! I hope she gets a room assignment so that you can enjoy that experience. I'm sure you'll have a blast! Have a beautiful weekend, and I'm glad to see you back here!

  5. Oh, good luck with your new venture! I am sure that you will do great! Your table is so pretty and I adore the silver (one of my obsessions!).

  6. Oh fun! I hope to see your work with the decorating. Your booth looks wonderful. Love your pink and green table. I love the cabbage plates (I have some "cheaters" that aren't Bordallo -- but I love them too anyway). Hope you're more snappin than draggin with all your exciting things coming up!

  7. What a cheerful color combination you've chosen! It's so refreshing after all the Kelly green I've been seeing. :-) Good luck on your new ventures. Sounds fun ... but I know it's also a lot of work!

  8. So exciting about your antique booth...all the best with that! And such a charming pink and green tablescape this is. The silverplate is fabulous!

  9. I'm so excited for you. You have so much going on and all of it is fantastic. I love love love your table. Love the pink and green. Just exquisite. Love the dishes.

  10. Pink, Green and Snapdragons! Love it! Best of luck in your two endeavors. What fun and how great to use your creative side! Your booth looks charming!

    Robin Flies South

  11. Well congratulations on your venture with your sales booth at the antique mall! Give it a try for a while! What the heck "Nothing venture, nothing gained"! Sounds like fun to me!
    Your table looks so beautiful and I love the Bordallo Pinheiro pieces! I used some recently too! The snapdragons are a fun flower! I like your fan shaped napkins and I adore the crystal stemware!

  12. Looks like you are having fun in your new adventure. Your table is beautiful, love the green and pink Bordallo Pinheiro cabbage plates, salads, and bowls. I haven't ever owned any Bordallo Pinheiro but plan to start looking for it. Thanks for sharing, I am your newest follower, hope you can follow me back.

  13. You've created a romantic, feminine nod to St. Patrick's lovely direction for the holiday. The Bordallo mix is delightful. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  14. Hi Betsy~ I love your BP pink & green layers! I'm hoping to find 3 more green cabbage dinner plates at Tuesday morning~ maybe now that it's after St. Paddy's Day, I'll have the luck of the Irish :)

    Have fun and good luck with your booth~ it's a fun way to get your feet wet and see what sells without too much investment! Happy Sales to you :)

  15. Hi Betsy, I have missed seeing you posts, and just decided to check in. I love this tablescape and I am so happy you have a booth selling antiques. I wish you lots of success. xo

    1. Thanks so much for saying that, I really appreciate it!! I will get back to blogging soon, I've missed being here! I've had a full schedule for the last few weeks, but hopefully things will settle down (but not too much lol). Take care, Happy Easter!!!

  16. Hi Betty, I don't know if this is the first time I visited your blog but what all I can say is that - your tablescape captured my eyes! This tablescape is one of the best decor idea I've seen far this week. It's breath taking and oh so lovely. The tablecloth and the table napkin are perfect.

    Anyway, I am your newest follower! Nice to meet you!

    Satin Tablecloths

  17. Hi lovely lady.
    How did I miss this Gorgeous Tablescape.. I just gone over to Ebay and Purchased The green cabbage plates a set of four dinner plates,four salad plates and four bowls! All I need is the pink salad plates now. I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  18. I missed this one too! It is gorgeous! Good luck with your new venture! You should let us know what you are selling, lots of customers who love dishes out here!
    I have started a weekly party called Let's Dish! Every Wed 7 sharp. You can bring a tablescape or just a collection, or for you some new table things from your booth! It's a fun group of dish nuts. This week was our 6 th meeting, hope you will come join in!