Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Ghoulish Setting

As Halloween draws near, it's time again for a gathering of ghouls!!  Enjoy!!

A word of caution:  photo-intensive post, enter at your own risk!!

Word on the street is that something's cookin' in the hood.  There's talk of a party, and it's got the neighbors buzzing with excitement!
They're coming down from their haunts, and dancing with glee!
The anticipation of a social event has everyone smiling!
Some have been waiting for this...
a very long time!
Some are just hangin' out ...
waiting for ...
an invitation.
The host and party planner extraordinaire has been a bit grumpy trying to tie up all the loose ends...
But things are falling into place...
and final preparations have been made.
The lucky guests are gussied up in their finest...
and are delighted to be attending!!
Some are a bit bashful ...
and a bit intimidated...
but still happy to be attending!
Upon entering, all guests are offered a beverage...
from an extensive selection.
Let's take a closer look...
The table has been set with the finest china and silver...
linens, and ...
crystal.  The ambiant lighting
provides just the right atmosphere.

The entertainment for the evening will be fortune telling.
Would you want to know????

What is that in your seat??
 Night approaches, and all guests are invited to the table...
to dine and enjoy each other's company.
The guests have had a pleasant evening ...
and don't really want to leave.
Tomorrow they will talk about the events of this evening...
and their new friend, who graciously...
brought them all together on this night!
Happy Halloween!!

Stars of the show--
Skull salad plates--Ross
Silver-rimmed china--Elegance by Fashion Royale
Black stems--Macy's
Crystal stems--Cristal d'arques Longchamp
Skull candleholders--Home Goods
Silverplate--Vintage 1925, Alvin
Napkins--TJ Maxx

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  1. I have to say that this is the MOST AWESOME Halloween tablescape and lawnscape I've ever seen!! I'm just blown away. I used to belong to a Bunco group some years ago, and one of our members went all out with Halloween decs; it was great fun. This is the most creative Halloween party I've seen since then. You really did a great job; it made me smile. Thanks for sharing :)

    Denise at Forest Manor

  2. Betsy this is incredible, very professional, wish I could be there! Great, great job. xo

  3. WOW!!! This is fabulous!!! Every single element is perfect and so is the story! I totally enjoyed this! I got rid of all my Halloween stuff since there are no little ones around here. I may have to start collecting some:) VERY creative and clever!!! XO, Pinky I will be linking up with Susan tonight, please stop over!

  4. Awesome, Betsy! This is the most elegant spooky delightful setting I've ever seen. So much detail & fun put into this.
    Have a beautiful week.
    TTFN ~

  5. Oh, so clever, creative, and over the top fabulous, Betsy. I'm ranking this at the top of the list of Halloween posts. This is awesome from start to finish. I think this needs to be written up in a magazine. I can just imagine how much time and effort you spent pulling this together. I hope you truly had a party so others enjoyed this in real time. Thanks for sharing this.
    I've noticed that not many in our neighborhood have decorated for Halloween this year. But the ring of ghost (much like yours) is up as usual in one yard. I think it's such a happy little friendship circle. ;-)
    Happy Halloween! ~ Sarah

  6. My you sure went all out. It is wonderful. I just wish you had really had a party so real people could have shared in this wonderment. I love the fine china and silver with the spook, what an imagination. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  7. I LOVE your table and setting!! I love everything about it and your commentary is great!!

  8. Hi Betsy! Wow, you sure pulled together a wonderful halloween tablescape! I loved the story and all the ghosts and monsters! You have a wonderful array of figurines! The table is awesome- the black, white and silver are the candleabras and your skull plates! It all looks perfect with the candles lit! I bet it's fun to run around those trees at night!!

  9. I am just a teensy bit freaked out. Strike that. I'm TOTALLY freaked out! This is GREAT!!! You did a rockin' job on this whole set-up!!!!! I am bowled over a billion times!!! The table looks fantastic. Super slick plates, and the "crystal ball" is very clever! The photos taken in the dusk are particularly scary. Yikes!!! If I don't sleep tonight I will be sending you the bill from my therapist! I'm just sayin'! :-)

  10. Absolutely perfect! Love all the amazing details on both the table and in the yard! WOW!

  11. Oh my word. I have those exact dishes and I ALMOST used them this week. THANK GOSH I did not, as there is NO WAY to top your tablescape. Every single part of your table and grounds are absolutely wonderful. I hope you were really able to use it. It is just great! Thanks for sharing with everyone. Lori L

  12. This is certainly over the top fabulous. I love the wonderful guests and the table, well is absolutely stunning. the dishes the candelabra, the crystal ball.. so perfect. I loved the photo with the sun shining on the crystal ball. perfect photography! xo marlis

  13. Pretty amazing...I can tell that a lot of thought went into this lalapalooza event. I hope that those black goblets are still in stock at Macy's. They would be worth enduring a trip to the mall. Thank you for sharing your incredible design. Cherry Kay

  14. Now this is one amazing Halloween table! I'm sure all the guests will be talking about this one.....forever!

  15. This is wonderful! Each and every single picture is spooky.Love your delightful Halloween settings...yes, every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  16. Can I go back and change my table for this week? I used those same dishes! Yours is so over the top (in a good way!!!). I love all your "monster" friends and I kept saying to my husband that I needed candelabras! This is really special!

    Robin Flies South

  17. Wow! This is OTT and fabulous! Well done!

  18. What a great the candelabra are gorgeous!! Such a spooky guest list! The whole scene is especially beautiful at night by candlelight. Is there organ music playing? ;-)

  19. Absolutely Fabulous! I'm running to Ross for the skull plates. Every detail is perfect, from the intro through all the guests arriving and the goodbyes at the end. Loved it. Thank you for sharing!

  20. Amazing!!! Love the antics of the skeletons and other unearthly creatures. Your table is the spookiest and I'm sure your guests (if they stick around) will have a fabulously ghoulish good time!

  21. Wow! How fun is this? I LOVE everything. I especially love those skull and cross bones plates. I'm going to have to get myself down to Ross.

  22. Omg, this is spooktacular! I think I would be afraid though, very afraid!
    Great job, B!

  23. Betsy~ I got CHILLS & THRILLS scrolling up and down your wonderful party & post!! The dripping wax candles...skull plates with silver...crystal ball and the grim reaper of a host! Spookily terrific :)

  24. You did ALL of this yourself? Good gravy, that's amazing. I just kept scrolling from picture to picture with my mouth hanging open.

    Now, that blue hour picture is the scariest of all. It looks positively Hollywood.

  25. Awwesome decorations! This must have taken a month to put this is fabulous! I love the centerpiece. WOW, I really am speechless, Betsy...
    Thank you for sharing this fun post.

  26. Betsy, I will comment after I pick my jaw up off the ground! Ha. This is over the top.....just fabulous! Wow, I am so impressed. Awesome.

    Barb ♥

  27. Super tablescape!!! You put a lot of work into your presentation and we all appreciate that.

  28. OMG!!! This is absolutely incredible!!
    I LOVE it!!
    I would so love to see it in person!!

    Thanks for sharing!! Such inspiration!!


  29. LOVE you table! This is awesome! Thanks for coming by to visit my little tablescape today. It was fun. I can't wait to do more...I can see now that I may have a problem...HA! Come by and visit again. Have a wonderful weekend, Sandra

  30. Love your yard and table! Thanks for sharing JoAnn

  31. Oh my dear, how did you ever manage to do all this, I wouldn't be able too, you're such a talented lady, goodness me! I love your skull plates, the stems and your yard where you did such a awesome tablescape, I am totally impressed! Have a terrific week and happy Halloween. FABBY

  32. WOW,Betsy! You know how to create a dramatic tablescape and tableau in your yard. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind remarks.


  33. This is just the coolest table I've ever seen, and so are all of the ghosts and skeletons that are hanging around! Loved this post. laurie

  34. That was the best Halloween tablescape I've seen all year! I love your attention to detail and the little story... Thanks for a wonderful post.

    ~Rainey @ The Project Table

  35. Betsy, The decorations are FABULOUS!! This has to be some of the best Halloween decorations I have seen.

    1. Hi Sherry!! How are you?? Thanks for your kind comments, this is actually a re-post from something I did last year. I have been so busy I've been out of touch with the "blog" world. It's been crazy around here! Are you getting ready for the holidays? I can't believe they are right around the corner. It seems that the storm didn't hit us as bad as they thought, thank goodness. Hope others fared well, too. Take care, and thanks for visiting my blog. If I ever get a minute, I will take a peek at yours as well :))--Betsy

  36. Hi Betsy!
    I missed your repost! Write me an email and let me know how you're doing. Liz

  37. Hello Betsy,
    I must say,.... this is the most hauntingly beautiful Halloween table setting and background décor I have ever seen !!! Wow, what a memorable scene,.....truly !!! I am in heaven looking at your display!!! You should get an award for this !!! This compliment is coming from the Queen of Halloween, as my friends call me !!!