Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Setting for Graduation

Hosting two graduation parties in the same week can be quite exhausting.  For graduation party #1, I hosted, but had help from four other families who contributed toward expenses and labor.  This party was mainly for the friends of #2 child who will graduate from high school this Friday.  We had around 30 kids and maybe 20 or so adults and perfect weather!
The boys helped set up tables, chairs, ran errands, and basically did whatever I asked them to do.  They were a huge help!  School colors are blue and gold, so our color scheme was blue and yellow.  I found these lovely runners online.

Most of the flowers came from the yard.  I needed yellow, so I went to the grocery store, but all the cut flowers were more than I wanted to spend, so I purchased two daisy mum plants, which had lots of blooms, cut them off and used them in the little yellow and blue pots, which I found at Garden Ridge.  Martini glasses hold floating candles, and are tied with blue and yellow ribbon.

The kids enjoyed the pool, and then chowed down on turkey bbq, slaw, baked beans, vegetables and dip, watermelon, chips, and chocolate chip cookies.  Punch consisted of Sprite and pineapple juice--very refreshing drink for the summer.

Adults chat and enjoy 21 juice.

The cake had the boys' picture and was purchased at Sam's Club.

On to graduation party #2, a family party, around 40 people.

Same tables and chairs, cloths, and runners (after washing and ironing).  This time we used the "good" stuff, and the food was catered.  Unfortunately, no one was available to help.

The main table seated 24, and was set up with a basic white plate, and green Bordallo Pinheira cabbage salad plates.  I used my silverplate, a yellow napkin, and iced beverage glasses, Chelsea by Godinger.
Instead of balloons, I used a large arrangement of flowers from the yard.  This was removed before we were seated for dinner.

A table for 8 was set up under the tent near the outdoor kitchen.  Here I used a Haviland Limoge white plate, a yellow salad plate, and yellow napkin.  Same table runner and cloth.

Ok, so that was seating for 32.  I still needed 8 more place settings, so I used the round tables.

Salad plates are a little different, and I used a yellow "flower" placemat.
I displayed pictures, and my son's graduation hat.  Since it was also my daughter's graduation from college, I also displayed her picture (later she added her hat as well!)

Andrew prepares the beverages.  I didn't get a picture of the buffet table.  Here is what we had catered:  Hors d'oeuvres consisted of meatballs, mushrooms stuffed with crab, vegetables and dip, cheese and fruit, and mozzarella strudel.  We began dinner with a garden salad and raspberry pecan vinaigrette and a selection of croissants and rolls.  We had chilled grilled asparagus with grilled red pepper, roasted potatoes, sliced beef tenderloin with horseradish and honey mustard, breast of lemon chicken with lemon caper wine sauce, poached salmon with capers, mustard and chopped onions.  Dessert was cake, brownies, and homemade cookies.  It was all very delicious!

We had a great time!  It was fun to see all our family, who all live within an hour from our home!

Thanks for stopping by!  Next week we are headed to the beach for a much needed break.  As always, I appreciate your comments, as I strive for A Perfect Setting!!


  1. What beautiful parties! Your tables look stunning and the venue is perfect! I'm sure a fun time was had by all! Congrats to the graduates!

  2. Beautiful table settings for both parties. Love the blue and yellow color combo. Your long table next to the pool works great for a large crowd. I know everyone had a great time. Congratulations to the graduate! ~ Sarah

  3. Both parties look fun! The decorations look great.

  4. Both parties, the decorations, table settings, flowers and food look and sound fabulous. I love blue and yellow together. xo,

  5. Oh, what beautiful parties! Your backyard is GORGEOUS!!! I know everyone had a great time at the parties, too!

    P.S. Did you get my e-mail baout the article I saved for your neighbor about Gen. Hal Moore? This is a magazine article, but there's something in our paper about him and his charity/humanitarian work every week.

  6. Wow,very impressive!!! Everything is amazing!!!

  7. This is amazing.. OMG.. I am in awe. and slightly exhausted just reading all this, so you must be ready for a long vacation. Beautifully done and carried out. many blessings and congratulations to the graduates. marlis

  8. Oh, I love these! (both parties)
    The blue and yellow is so pretty together. I love the long tables with those runners and the fun extra table with those sunflower placemats.

    Congratulations, and great job!

  9. What a lot of work I imagine but what results! Stunning! You have such a beautiful setting on your patio to create that long tablescape which is fabulous! Love the runner and I'm a sucker for repetition in centerpieces along a table - love it when everyone has the same "view". I'm sure your graduates were pleased by your efforts to make their successes special.


  10. Everything is just beautiful. Love the colors. Love the table linens. The flowers are gorgeous. Stunning!

  11. Wow! Two parties in one weekend! Everything was lovley -- hope this week you get to put your feet up and relax! This looks like a wonderful celebration and fun had by all.

  12. Wow, is all I can say! You really know how to entertain a crowd. Everything looks beautiful. I'm sure you thought of everything. And probably made it look easy -- sign of a good hostess. I'll bet you were always Teacher of the Year!

    Congrats to the grads, and to the parents who "helped."

    I found you at Between Naps on the Porch

  13. LOVE the color palette! amazing!

  14. Awesome tables...beautiful flowers.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!! What a beautiful setting and table!!Wow!!

  16. You sure get an "A" for this one! I have to say those are the classiest graduation parties I've seen! Love the long table with the blue tablecloths and the center runner! Very attractive! Your back area is perfect for entertaining! I'm amazed that you had so many of the same china pieces to use! It's obvious you spent a lot of time planning and a lot of effort was made to lay it out so nicely! The floral displays are terrific and what a menu! Love love love it!