Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Windy Perfect Setting

Spring has finally made its way to Virginia, yipppeee!!  When the temperature hit 80, I decided to set my table outside, excited for the warm weather and the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air.  Little did I know that the wind was 35 mph!!  That didn't stop me, but it was a challenge, to say the least.  More on that later.  I did enjoy the warm temperatures and being outdoors! 

I moved one of my round tables over to our little outdoor fireplace.  Normally, we have a sette, and a couple of chairs here, and in the summer, a tent.  Today it is functioning as a little dining area, close to the waterfall.
I used a white round cloth with a sheer overlay, mounds of pink tulle in the middle, with a little guy holding a green gazing ball.

I found these green chargers at a thrift store.  The china is Garden Botanical by Gracie china.  Each plate has a different flower.

The pink stems are Noritake.  Did you notice the little bee on the water glasses?

I had this great idea to add color to the napkins by placing little flowers under the napkin ring.  With the combination of wind and heat, the flowers didn't hold up so well.  But it looked cute for a minute lol!

Hopefully you don't notice the little specks on this picture, but the wind kept kicking up little pieces of this and that, and I was constantly trying to brush it off before taking the pics, but it kept getting under the sheer, oh well, this might be going in the Blooper file!

Individual vases of pink beauties were placed at each place setting.

The little votives were a Big Lots purchase.

Do you notice the blooper on this picture??  Or should I say blooper(s)!

I was afraid to use candles because of all the wind, so I used white lights and led lights for the votives.

A different angle...

The sound of the waterfall is relaxing and soothing...

Thanks for visiting with me and I always appreciate hearing from you!!  Oh yea, if you go back to the blooper picture, one of the napkins was placed on top of the plate instead of beside it.  I did this while brushing off debris.  Also I broke one of the votives, so one's missing!!  So still striving for that Perfect Setting lol!!


  1. I really love the effect that the lights have under the tulle. That is so pretty, and I'm putting it in my idea file (especially for those weddings in my mind...)

    I went outside for two table this week. The first one was OK, but the second one was so windy and hot that I'll probably have to do a do over.

    The flowers you used are wonderful, and I didn't see a speck or blooper. Now, I need to go look again

  2. I love your centerpiece, the way your used the votives with the pink tulle, just lovely. A perfect spring table setting.............

    The French Hutch

  3. Its lovely, simply beautiful .. love the arrangement of your center piece... it looks very different and gorgeous... a smart choice against the candles...

  4. Love the setting. It's so serene! Your table is wonderful. I know what you mean about the flowers.. I was battling wisteria as I was waiting on the sun to come into the dining room 'just right'! Thanks for entering the giveaway, good luck. Loved the orchard too.

  5. Love your tablescape. The angel and lighting centerpiece is so sweet! Your dishes are beautiful and I do love the bees on the glasses...such a sweet touch!

  6. The lights under the pink tulle are truly beautiful! And your little guy with the gazing ball makes a wonderful centerpiece. I'm going back to look for your "bloopers" because I didn't notice them while I was enjoying your pretty table. Linda

  7. Oh my goodness, this whole setting is so inviting!! Wish I could have been a guest in one of those chairs and felt the cool evening breeze, tasted of the warm delicious food, and marveled at the beautiful people and nature around me!!
    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful setting!! :)

  8. This is gorgeous. Hope to see you at My Dream Canvas!

  9. What a beautiful setting. Your plates with the different flowers are adorable. I have some glasses like that with the bees on them, only mine are stemmed glasses. I appreciate you stopping by very much, and I'm so jealous that you have 12 of those placecard holders. I'm going to keep my eye opened in some antique shops!! ;0)

  10. The pink sheer with the LED lights underneath -- how clever! I enjoyed seeing your post this week.

  11. This is such a pretty, feminine table! The pink glasses are just perfect with the china, and the pink tulle was inspired!

  12. Divine. Copying the tree lights under the tulle for a Christmas table and no I did not see ANY bloopers. It was divine!

  13. Hi lovely lady. Your Tablescapes are so Beautiful love your china.your pink glasses look perfect. I was just looking at my sidebar and you had post. I miss your lovely comments on my Tablescapes. I hope you have a Great week sweet lady.

  14. So glad you had a chance to take advantage of the elusive warmer spring weather. In my area of Virginia, those warm days have been few and far between and I am certainly looking forward to more of them in a row!

    Your Gracie dishes are so pretty. I really like your napkin rings, too, and like the way you have tucked in the flowers.

    The centerpiece is nice as well. Great idea to tuck in the the tablescape a fairy-like look.

  15. Everything is just beautiful!! I'm excited to have found you and your blog. Anyone who loves to set a pretty table and adores beautiful dishes is a friend of mine! ;)


  16. Using the l.e.d. lights for a windy al fresco setting is a great idea. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay