Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Perfect Setting's Red and Gold

My mother's younger sister and her family lived beside us while I was growing up.  We lovingly called her 'Sissy', and she had two sons, one my age and one around 6 years older.  When her boys were 3 and 9, their father died of a brain tumor.  My father became like a second father figure to the boys, and the family naturally became a part of ours.  They ate meals with us, they went on vacations with us, and we supported each other in more ways than I can say.  Sissy was a strong lady, and she was loved by all who met her.  She knew no strangers, and she loved all of us with a passion.  She and my Mom became entrepreneurs, as Sissy struggled to take care of her sons.  They had a sandwich shop, a 'junk' shop, an antique business, and finally, a florist business.  They never made much money, but they sure had a lot of fun.  I believe the stress of trying to make ends meet got to her, and she died of heart disease in 1979 when she was in her mid-fifties.  She was a talented lady, and it is hard to sum up her life in a few paragraphs. 

My Mother told me she cried for a year after Sissy died.  They were best friends, and had a bond unlike no other.  All of us, Sissy's nieces and nephews, and her sons, took a little of her with us--some more than others (wink), and we all miss her more than words can say.

I am using Sissy's wine glasses, salt and peppers, and candlesticks, which are now vintage Avon.  As I pulled them out of the box, I could still smell the perfumed scent.


I used this white cloth with gold design that I found on sale at Home Goods a few weeks ago.

I found these plates at an antique store, they do not have any markings on them.  I believe they are fairly new.  I loved the cherub and I will use them for Christmas and for Valentine's.

Along with the Avon stems, I used my Lenox crystal (I think it's Lenox, not sure) with the gold rim.

The dinner plate is my Lenox Courtyard.  It is ivory and has a gold rim, with a delicate swirly white design around the edges.  The design is hard to see in the photographs...

Napkin rings are silver with a gold bow, and were purchased at Stein Mart years ago.

I used red roses and filled in with whatever I could find in the yard--sprayed gold.

I used my cherub bowl, and added table gems to the bottom for sparkle. 

I love the painted faces on these little guys!


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  1. What a beautifully romantic table and a loving tribute. It made me cry (in a good way). I know Sissy would just love this table. It's just exquisite. Her goblets, your plates (both your Lenox and the cherubs), the linens, the flowers, the cherubs, her candlesticks... every single detail. I enjoyed this post!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Lovely table you have created here! Being sentimental, I appreciate the story of "Sissy" and the fact that you are using a few of her special objects.

  3. thanks for reminding us of beautiful people that grace our lives. my aunt is one of those precious women-age 95- who keeps her "crystal pretties"(cut glass) close by. loved the post--keeping it real. your table and room are truly beautiful. your have exquisite taste...lyn

  4. What a gorgeous table! I love the cherub plates, and your aunt's lovely glasses add such rich color to your table. I also love your whole dining room -- what a fabulous plaid on your chairs! AND, your blog header is darling!

  5. The cherub plates are adorable. They really set the mood for an evening of love!

  6. Pure elegance and sophistication ... and just downright purty!!


  7. Everything on your table is absolutely stunning. Elegant and as Gypsy B, said... sofisticated.

    LOVE your sideboard.

    Have a great w/end girl.


  8. As always your table settings are so beautiful and well thought out. I love the red Avon glasses and Salt and Pepper shakers! I remember when those came out since my sister used to sell Avon. What a lovely memory you have of your Aunt- and who could help but get teared up from reading about her and your family. It's so hard to let go of these special people in our lives but it's so wonderful we got to share the time with them. I love the idea that your Mom and her sister tried their own entrepreneurial ventures! That had to be fun! I wish I had a Home Goods store- I love that table cloth! The cherub plates are a great find! The red roses and the gold accents set the romantic mood! I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day! Liz

  9. This is such a sweet story and it makes me wish for a family like yours!!! Your table is just stunning and I love the cupid plates!!!

  10. A beautiful tribute. I grew up living next door to my grandmother, and the fluidity of life between the two houses is like something I could never recreate. Those cherub plates are to.die.for!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  11. What a sweet heart warming! Your tablescape is so beautiful...truly beautiful!

  12. your tablescape is STUNNING! How elegant, I love your cherub dishes, your dear aunt Sissis things are lovely, the tablecloth with gold it's perfect for it all, it unites the design of it all. The red Avon glasses are beautiful, very sophisticated all...totally love it!
    Visit me so you can see my granddaughters at their Valentine's tea party. I humbly thank you in advance.

  13. Hi, hi, hi!!! I tell you...every time I see your dining room, I just want to back a truck up to the door and take that china cabinet right out of there!!! It is SO gorgeous!!! It seems to be so big, too. Our dining room is - in my words - a broom closet that just doesn't have ample space for a large china cabinet. I settled for a smaller Amish one that, while I love it, could stand to be about 3 times bigger. Anyway...LOVE your china cabinet. I also love the fabric on your chairs. Classic! I thought it was such a very touching story about your Aunt Sissy. That is my Mother's nickname. Her sister and brother who are still living still call her that, and she has always had a deeply close relationship with her sisters. My cousins call her Aunt Sissy. So you and I have that in common. We also share similar taste. I have the same napkin rings, similar napkins, and the same cherub plates. They are Block "Manchester Cherub". I've had them for maybe 15 years or so, and I love them even though I've only used them once, maybe twice. They look absolutely beautiful on the cherub-laden table you created! That centerpiece cherub is especially beautiful. She's like a baby Carmen Miranda carrying all those flowers on her head! :-) I just looked at the photos again, and I think I'll take that mirror over the sideboard, too, when I back the truck up to your house! :-) Have a wonderful, safe, warm weekend!

  14. What a sweet story about your Aunt Sissy and the love between her and your mom. I love the cherubs gathered on hyour table. So beautiful.

  15. Hi there ~ your table is beautiful! love the plates and that centerpiece is fantastic!! Wow!! Love it! New follower here- nice to meet you! :)

  16. STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Love the cherub plates, what a great find. Wish I could put a centerpiece together like yours, but I didn't get a creative gene!

  17. I'll bet that your Aunt Sissy and my Aunt Ida are now friends in heaven. So they'll introduce us when we get there...right! The Avon pieces arenalways so lovely. They are the perfect appointment for your lovely china. The angel plates are a great find. Everything looks beautiful in your gorgeous dining room. Thank you for stopping by my post and for your charming design. Cherry Kay

  18. Such a lovely table! Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you how much I love that cupid in your header. Thanks for being a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  19. Love your table and your sweet tribute to your aunt!! Your pieces are all so lovely.

  20. Hi lovely lady OMG I love your Beautiful Tablescapes for Valentine's Day sweet lady!!! You do know how to put it all together so sweet~~ I just put my Tablescape for Valentine's Day on ~~~ I hope you can take a look. I hope you have a Great Evening xxoo

  21. Hi Betsy, What a beautiful table setting and how wonderful to have these items of your aunts. Every time I see your dining room I love it even more.

  22. Your table setting is beautiful and the chargers, in particular, caught my eye. Can you share any information about them? Thanks.