Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's A Jungle Out There

This past Tuesday was my son's last first day of school.  As he ran out the door, I managed to snap a quick picture, much to his dismay.  I'm not sure if all boys are like this as they are growing up, but he hasn't had much to say to his parents in the last few years.  He is very social with his friends, and he would much prefer to be with them rather than us, but I guess that's just his way of growing up and becoming independent.  His summers during high school have been cut short, due to football practice.  When I start to think that he is lazy, I think about football practice. Two-a-days in the extreme heat were the norm and the practices started at 7 a.m.  One week he had to be on the field at 6 a.m.  He gets himself up and he is out the door before we are even out of the bed.  Even though his team hasn't won many games, I believe he is learning valuable lessons on the football field.  I am scared to death that he may get hurt, but I am grateful for the lessons in discipline and respect, and the camaraderie he is experiencing with his teammates.  I know one day he will be proud to tell his children that he played high school varsity football as a starter, and he will carry those life-lessons with him into his adulthood.

This is the beginning of Friday night football, and all those animal instincts come to the surface on the playing field.  This week's table began with a peebly textured taupe tablecloth and a similar textured brown table runner, which I found at Ross.

It was such a beautiful day and the tent colors were perfect for this particular table design.

I used cream-colored plates that had a scalloped-black edge.  The next layer had a black edging and stripe, and the animal print plates were on top, and were purchased at Tuesday Morning.  I used black napkins.

I used amber-colored stems, which I purchased at Tuesday Morning and La Rochere glasses with a fleur-de-lis design.  The votive candleholders were also an animal print.

The flowers were Sam's club bouquets, with acuba added in for interest, in two crystal stemmed vases.

A giraffe towers over the setting, while a baby leopard looks on.  Elephant salt and pepper shakers by Fitz and Floyd, add to the animal menagerie.  Two textured decorative balls also adorn the mix.

A camel holds a leopard pillar candle.

That's an outdoor fan you see in the background.

And of course, what's a jungle without monkeys!  These two are holding hands while they support two black tapers.

A tea cart holds a pitcher, tray and glasses, and bowl.  Down below the theme is carried through with two wooden animal print bowls.

Thanks for visiting today!!  Please leave a comment as I strive for a Perfect Setting!


  1. And what a perfect setting it is! I look forward to many more beautiful tablescapes from you. Well done. Jackie

  2. Well this is wonderfully fun! My favourite is the giraffe. He looks so proud towering over the table settings.

  3. This is soooo gorgeous and soooo elegant. I love your poolside setting. I will be needing an invite soon before the weather turns!

    I have wanted animal print plates but haven't found any classy ones. Yours are gorgeous. What a great jungle to be in.

  4. What a fun and beautiful tablescape! I love your creativity!

  5. I love the jungle theme! Really cute! Gorgeous place to set a table too. I hope you do more, this is wonderful!

  6. Love this - never seen anything like it!! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Grrrr! I really like all the textures you have on this tabletop.

  8. Hi Betsy, I love your table and your beautiful yard. And I can totally relate to your story--I also have 2 kids, both in college this year. They were in boarding school before college, and every year as I left them I cried all the way home for 2 hours. Last week I left the "baby" at college for his first year and guess what--still crying! I'm a new blogger too, and am going to follow you to see all your wonderful tables. Linda :)

  9. WOW, what a fabulous safari table...the giraffe centerpiece makes that table shine! I love everything about your table...thanks for sharing.

  10. This is just wonderful! I love all the details and textures that you used on this table. Fun but at the same time very elegant.

  11. You showed great skill in weaving just the perfect colors and texture throughout your tablescape. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  12. Thanks for dropping in and your sweet comment. We've been out of town so I'm just now getting around to visiting.. I love your table. It's so beautiful and the votives just rock!! Great theme.

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