Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time To Let Go?

Several of my friends are getting ready to take their son or daughter off to college for the first time.  Senior year is a time of so many "lasts".  The last game, the last recital, and last family spring break, the last week, the last dinner...  I experienced this with my own daughter, and I was a wreck--I was flooded with so many memories and emotions!  When I walked away from her in that dorm room, I just couldn't hold in the tears.  Good thing my husband was there to drive us home.  The year turned into a year of  "firsts"--sorority rush, the first college tailgate and football game, the first formal dance...  This summer she (finally) turned 21 and talked us into taking her and some of her friends to Las Vegas to celebrate.  How did we go from Chuckee Cheese to Vegas??  Before we left, we had our family celebration, and I decided on a black and white color scheme.  After bringing out the dishes, I thought the design needed a bit of color, and went with a lime green tablecloth.

I used black plates, and black and white floral salad plates, which I purchased from TJMaxx a few years ago.  The white napkins are trimmed in black ribbon, I adore the bow in the corner, and they also came from TJMaxx. 

The wine glasses are Mikasa Park Lane, and the glasses are rimmed in silver (I've had them for many years, and can't remember where I purchased them)  I used three black vases down the center of the table, calla lilies in the center with some ornamental grass from the backyard, and the other two vases with just greens.

 I used two black tapers in crystal candle holders on either side of the center vase, and two more that are shorter on the outside of the other vases.   The glass votive holders were purchased at Pier 1.  I used three black metal votive holders, and added crystal strands and table gems, to add sparkle.

We enjoyed our family dinner, and the kids had a ball in Vegas.  I've often thought of how wonderful it would be to go back to the sweet baby days, but I know I never would, because I would miss the beautiful young woman I see before me today!

My little friend watches all the preparations from his favorite spot.
The ladder adds a bit of class, don't ya think??

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  1. Very pretty, I love the black floral plates they are eyecatching.

  2. Very pretty! I adore those napkins too! I never saw them at TJM, or I would have bought them too!
    Seems like yesterday mine graduated from college, and now he has 4 little kids! Time flies!

  3. Beautiful table...the black and white really shine sitting on the lime tablecloth. I love the ladder, shows yours is a house that is lived in, a real home!

  4. This is so elegant and beautiful and I think the black and white against the gorgeous green really shows everything off and then to accent it with the calla lilies and greenery, that just pulls it all together. I just love TJ Maxx. It is a plate lovers dream. I was just there today (and yesterday for my daughter who just moved to an apartment - but we had to make her move out - she was afraid and wanted to stay in her room. We are happy to report she is already loving her new roommie!)

  5. A perfect, sophisticated tablescape for a grown-up, sophisticated 21 year old. Oh those special markers in our lives. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  6. Very pretty. The black and white with the green shows the details nicely.

    Some news: We're staring a Giveaway Friday! link-up party this Fri. 8/27 plus we are giving away custom backsplash! Hope you'll join us.


  7. This color combination is so appealing -- sophisticated and elegant! I know your daughter felt well-celebrated!

  8. Your tablescape is gorgeous, I really love that colour scheme and the plates are terrific! Your words about crying when you left your daughter in her dorm room really brought back memories for me! I cried and cried on the 2 hr drive home and was thankful my hubby was driving too. The part I didn't expect was crying even more when 2 years later, we left our son at University! They grow up so fast but its true, they are really fun as adults too!
    Thanks for sharing your story and the 'scape!

  9. Loved your tables Betsy, and the wonderful commentary. You are so talented. Can't wait to see more on your blog!