Monday, November 18, 2019

Christmas Decor Inspiration Part 2

With less days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year, I feel that I need to get a head start on the decorating.  These are pictures of my kitchen and family room from last year and help me get motivated!

Using flocked greenery and berries, I added cardinals and red candles to the centerpiece.

 The glasses were my mom's and have cardinals on them.  We use this kitchen table for weeknight dinners during the season and also for Christmas breakfast.

My trumpet vase holds a red arrangement and is on display on my island. 

I also jazz up the kitchen chandelier with greenery, icicles, and glass ornaments.
The mantle over the range continues the cardinal and red berry theme.
The flocked greenery and red berries are over the wine cabinet as well.
The mantle all spiffed up!
The large ornaments on each side are paper mache.
Santa standing ready on his sleigh
while the reindeer wait patiently.
The Christmas tree decorated with golds, bronzes, crystal, and whatever else I could find, is all aglow.
Close up of deer ornaments on the tree...
A gold arrangement in my urn is on the other corner of the room.
These cherubs have such pretty little faces!
A fresh arrangement is on a silver tray on the coffee table.  This has to be re-done a few times during the season, but I can get the greenery and berries from the yard.
Accent table vignette.
And a beautiful nativity!


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