Monday, November 10, 2014

Creating Centerpieces for the Holiday Table

Now that the Halloween boxes are all stored away, it's time to think about the holidays. They are quickly approaching, and once here, there's a finite amount of time to get everything done.  An elegant and beautiful holiday table is on our to-do list, but sometimes amid the hustle and bustle, it is not at all what we had hoped it would be.  You can achieve an elegant look, and create happy memories with your family and friends, without a high price tag or a huge time commitment by using some items you probably already have around your home.  A beautiful table is all about the centerpiece.

I will show you how I create two of my go-to centerpieces for Thanksgiving and Christmas using a simple grapevine wreath.

DIY Fall Wreath Centerpiece:

This fall-themed centerpiece started with a grapevine wreath that I found around the house.  You can purchase them at Michaels, for under $5.
I placed my wreath on a charger so it could be moved easily, and began by placing ivy around the wreath.
My supplies included artificial fall leaves (you can use real), varigated green acuba leaves, gourds, and cylinders with acuba leaves and floating candles.
I began inserting the fall leaves around the top  of the wreath.  It's easy to just stick the leaves in between the layers of the grapevine.
Keep inserting leaves all the way around, and then begin placing leaves around the outside.  I like using the bigger leaves toward the outside, and the smaller ones on the inside and top.
The wreath is now looking full, and could be used as is.  But let's take it to the next level.
I couldn't find my third cylinder, but I had two of the same size, so I simply elevated one with a small Tupperware cup.
After adding the cylinders, I placed the acuba leaves all around the inside, filling in where necessary.  Again, ok as is, but let's give it the "wow" factor by using the gourds.
Ta Da!!  A elegant centerpiece your family and friends will envy.  All you need to do is place this on your tablecloth or runner.  The personalized table runners from Shutterfly will add just the right touch.  Add Grandma's precious china and flatware, and you are good to go!  Now some folks don't want to use candles, as they eat during daylight hours, so here's another option, with pumpkins instead of the cylinder floating candles.
Click here to see a tablescape using this same idea..

Let's move on to the Christmas wreath:

The same principle can be applied, using the grapevine wreath as a base.  For this piece, I used a combination of evergreen from my yard, and some decorative items from my stash and Michael's.
I decided I wanted a white, sparkly centerpiece, so I chose sparkly baby's breath, white sparkly berries, a white branch-type garland, and evergreens--yew, cypress, holly, nandina, and cedar.
I started with the yew, and stuck it all around the outside of the wreath. You don't need big, long pieces, but they can be doubled up for volume, if necessary.  The greens will last longer if you soak them in water overnight before arranging.
I used the other greenery to fill in the top, inside, and outside of the wreath.  Continue using the greens until you are satisfied with the look.
I cut off the white branches from the garland and began placing them around the wreath, using my eye as a guide.
The wreath can then be decorated in any way you so desire.  I used the baby's breath to fill in the inside, and then used the berry  branches on top.  I felt like it still needed something, so I added clear, glass ornaments.  The final touch--a white, sparkly Christmas tree candle!

Not into sparkly Christmas tree candles?  Here's another option with the same base--
I used a large hurricane globe with a lacy, white pillar candle in the center.  You can even fill the hurricane globe with any type of vase filler--berries, fruit, table gems, etc.  The idea is to use what you have, or what you would like your theme to be--for the center of the wreath.

Thank you for visiting today!  I look forward to seeing what you create for your holiday table!


  1. No kidding there is a finite amount of time to get everything done!!! I feel like the 2 weeks or so since Halloween have just flown by! I don't know how on earth I'm going to be ready for Thanksgiving AND Christmas so fast!

    Acuba leaves? Those are really pretty! That speckled feature on them is kind of "snowy", so I imagine they'd look great in a Christmas arrangement, too. BOTH wreaths are so, so pretty, and you make it seem to easy to put them together. Being craft-challenged as I am, I'm sure I'd make a royal mess of it, though! :-( I love the way you used the snow-like baby's breath in the Christmas wreath!!! REALLY great touch!

    I like that you used a combination of real and faux evergreens. They look great together, and the real brings the fragrance we all associate with the Christmas season! Pinning!

  2. Hey Alycia! Thank you so much. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!